Coworking Spaces | Big employers are tempted

The relocation of marketing communications agency Cossette from its grand offices to the 17the Floor of a building in Montreal in Coworking Spaces (cooperation) not far away, a few months ago, caught the imagination. If management questions its working model since the pandemic began, will other downtown businesses follow suit? Posted at 5:00 am Isabel … Read more

Education: Face the truth

There is a painful chronicle to write here, but I think it is necessary. the protocol recently reported on the situation of a 4-year-old studente secondary. She worked hard all year to get a 72% in math. That 72% is his school’s grade, which sets its own tests. He still had to pass the ministerial … Read more

A little girl invites Prince George to her birthday, it’s Kate Middleton who answers her

Kate Middleton made a 6-year-old girl happy. The Duchess of Cambridge has responded to her letter inviting Prince George to her birthday party. Prince George, who celebrated his 9th birthday on July 22, had received an invitation from a little girl. This one celebrated her 6th birthday months ago, she wanted to invite Prince George. … Read more

scammers | Misleading Sun ★★★ 1/2

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support videos Of course, the Mozart psalm that underscores the introduction to this satirical comedy is misleading. As is the enchanting setting in which this satirical comedy, written and directed by Louis Godbout, is set. Posted at 9:30am PHOTOGRAPH LAURENCE GRANDBOIS BERNARD PROVIDED BY K FILMS AMERICA. Christine Beaulieu and Benoît … Read more