a new symptom of Covid-19

If the symptoms of the disease are essentially respiratory in nature at the beginning, Covid-19 can affect many organs. The eye is also affected. A new study shows a link between retinal closure and SARS-CoV-2 infection. It can lead to vision loss. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Long Covid: when symptoms last for … Read more

Sri Lankan | An angry country

In Sri Lanka, shortages are intensifying, and the population has been calling for the resignation of the country’s president for almost two weeks. When he refused to give up his post, Gotabaya Rajapaksa reshuffled his government on Monday and removed three members of his family from power. Four questions to understand the crisis. Posted at … Read more

Largo: high-tech products refurbished in France with high quality standards 📍

Largo, a company specializing in the refurbishment of high-tech products, offers many Apple or Samsung devices at low prices. Buying refurbished is the key to saving several hundred euros on a high-tech purchase while making an eco-conscious gesture. Are you looking for a modern smartphone at a good price and want to do something for … Read more

A very nice visit from France Charbonneau

Where was Jean Charest on Sunday night? Did the Conservative leader candidate celebrate Easter wisely at home? Had he looked at the remarked passage by Judge France Charbonneau Everyone talks about it ? Remember that its leader, Jean Charest, also prime minister, finally set up a commission of inquiry into the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) … Read more

Health and Science: Mutations between species provide clues to aging

By James Gallagher Health and Science Correspondent 40 minutes ago photo credit, Getty Images picture description, The study shows that dogs’ DNA mutates five times faster than their owners’ genetic code. According to a study, the lifespan of animals is related to the mutation rate of their genetic code. Researchers have found that mammals – … Read more

What is the value of the prize?

Nick Suzuki sums up what Carey Price stands for. “He is our best player and at the same time his influence is invaluable. » It’s obvious Price brings a lot to this team that we want younger, faster and with more luster. He inspires his teammates. He is an elite goalkeeper, a goalkeeper who has … Read more