sanctions against Gazprom | The shipment of six turbines to Germany is spurned

(Ottawa, Montreal) Ukraine regrets the “dangerous precedent” set by Canada’s decision to allow Siemens to ship six turbines stuck in Montreal to Germany – a breach by Ottawa of its own sanctions regime against Moscow. Canadian-Ukrainians are also angry, and they expressed it in Montreal, where dozens of them gathered in front of Siemens’ offices. … Read more

California | Sequoias threatened by fire

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support videos (Yosemite National Park, California) A wildfire threatening the largest grove of giant sequoias in Yosemite National Park more than doubled in size in one day, and firefighters worked through difficult terrain Sunday to protect the iconic trees as the United States face another very active year for fires. Posted … Read more

Scientific news in small doses

A few milligrams of all the scientific news of the week Posted at 6:00 am Mathieu Perréault The press sub zero dinosaurs According to a new American study published in scientific advances Beginning of July. Columbia University paleontologists have analyzed fossils from the Junggar Basin in far north Xinjiang, China, and found that the animals … Read more

“Living” smart with COVID

“Living” with COVID. That expression always made us cringe. Posted yesterday at 5:00am Obviously we’re all fed up with this damn pandemic. That we strive for a normal life again. But pretending the pandemic is over doesn’t get much better when it clearly isn’t. There are currently 1,549 COVID patients in the hospital. This is … Read more

Extensive investigations accuse Uber of brutal, even illegal methods in the early days

The Uber platform said Sunday it would not apologize for its “past,” in response to an international probe by journalists that showed the company engaged in brutal practices and “broke the law,” despite restraint from politicians and taxis ‘ to assert oneself. • Also read: Google removes data on abortion clinic visits • Also read: … Read more

Ottawa allows an exception to its sanctions against Russia

Stuck in Montreal, turbines destined for a Russian gas pipeline can be brought back to Germany Updated yesterday at 7:34pm. Melanie Marchese The press (Ottawa) Canada grants Siemens permission to circumvent sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s regime. She gave him the green light on Saturday to send turbines being repaired at the Dorval plant, which Germany … Read more