Russia | Return in Force of Termination

Never before has the West been so keen on the people of Russia turning against Vladimir Putin’s regime. However, it is more of a Kremlin-instigated witch hunt that is beginning in the country. Posted at 5:00 am Nicolas Berube The press An anti-war teacher was reported to the police by her students. A couple arrested … Read more

South Africa | Almost 400 dead, search intensified

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support videos (Durban) Five days after the floods began in South Africa with almost 400 dead and 41,000 injured, the search for missing people in the chaos of destruction intensified on Friday, and hope for survivors is dwindling. Updated yesterday at 11:49am Linda GIVETASH and Rajesh JANTILAL Media Agency France At … Read more

Clashes between residents and police in Shanghai amid COVID

China will impose four-day restrictions in Xi’an (north) from Saturday as the country’s inflexible anti-COVID policy led to a clash between residents and police in Shanghai. • Also read: COVID-19 in Shanghai: The United States urges members of its consulate to leave the city • Also read: Beijing denounces US ‘accusations’ over COVID-19 • Also … Read more

Israel | More than 150 Palestinians injured in clashes in Jerusalem

(Jerusalem) More than 150 Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli police on Friday’s mosque esplanade in Jerusalem, the first at that site since the beginning of Ramadan, amid fears of a wildfire in the Palestinian territories. Updated yesterday at 5:56pm. Guillaume Lavallee Media Agency France According to a late afternoon report by the Palestinian … Read more

Middle finger to the sunken Russian ship: Already a Ukrainian stamp symbolizes this “victory”

A postage stamp depicting a Ukrainian soldier giving the middle finger to the “Moskva,” a Russian flagship sunk in the Black Sea on Thursday, went through post offices across the country on Friday, becoming a collector’s item and a symbol of the U.S “Victory”. • Also read: Russia strikes after the Moskva sinks, Kyiv expects … Read more