Cloudfare’s outage suspends several reputable web services, including crypto exchanges

An outage at data infrastructure provider Cloudflare shut down many well-known web services for several hours, including several major crypto exchanges. The outage, which affected such respected crypto exchange services as FTX, Bitfinex, and OKX, raised new questions about the security of centralized platforms. Although these centralized crypto exchanges are significantly easier to use, they … Read more

The discovery of predatory dinosaurs solved the mystery of the food chain

Illustrative image ― FOTOKITA / Spinosaurs, tyrannosaurs… Many carnivorous and fearsome dinosaurs lived in the heart of the Jurassic and Cretaceous landscapes. Extinct predatory dinosaurs have recently been discovered. A discovery that solves a mystery in the food chain. Two new species In 2019, paleontologists Jared Voris and Kohei Tanaka visited the Royal Tyrrell … Read more

Clean hard-to-reach areas on keyboards and cellphones with this biodegradable gel

Keep hard-to-reach places clean, like the slots in your computer keyboard or the grilles and holes in your cell phones. Thanks to this fully biodegradable gel, there are no more excuses not to clean them. Our computer keyboards, like our cell phones, are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning those hard-to-reach little spots. The … Read more