We tested the Playdate, the little yellow console that kick-starts video game history

It’s unlikely you’ve ever used a crank to interact with a video game, unless you’ve tried one of those fishing sims that offer reel controllers in a pinch. The American publisher Panic (fire clock, Untitled goose game) nevertheless relies on this elbow-shaped appendage by implanting it on its first console, the Playdate. Getting your hands … Read more

Activision Blizzard – Activision Blizzard is consulting with players, specifically on NFTs

As part of a survey, Activision Blizzard advises players on some important topics: virtual reality, crossplay, but also NFTs and play-to-earn. Players are wondering, Mike Ybarra assures no project is underway. Now and again, Activision Blizzard asks players through surveys to better identify their expectations or their areas of interest (e.g. on the next renewals … Read more

PC gamers are slow to embrace Windows 11

Windows 11 Home Here it’s the brand new version of Windows, it’s Windows 11, the evolution of Microsoft’s PC operating system. Faster, better multi-screen display, a new taskbar, new icons, etc. Downloads: 345 Release Date : 04/10/2021 Author : Microsoft License : Commercial License Categories: operating system Operating system : window If Microsoft was quick … Read more

Activision Blizzard: NFT, cryptocurrencies… a survey asks players about many topics

business news Activision Blizzard: NFT, cryptocurrencies… a survey asks players about many topics Published on 04/18/2022 at 14:14 Now it’s Activision Blizzard’s turn to ask players about NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Through a survey, the editor takes the temperature with questions on various topics. summary NFT and video games Activision Blizzard also on site? NFT and … Read more