Will AIs ever have a conscience?

That season 4 of western world is imminent: Dolores, Charlotte and Caleb might surprise us. Will the robot revolution end? We’ll find out on the day of the release date, June 26th. In the meantime, why not ask the question about that awareness ? It surrounds the show every season: from the first episode, where … Read more

PCIe 7.0 connects the components of your PC at speeds of up to 512 GB/s…

The 7th version of the standard, which regulates the transmission between various electronic components such as graphics cards or SSDs, has been completed. And promises speeds of up to 512 GB/s on 16 lines! The main protocol for connecting our computer components promises a fast future. Very fast. While it supports PCI Express 5.0 thanks … Read more

How do I unzip and download all images from a webpage?

You want to extract and download all the images of a website you just visited, but you don’t know how. Since the methods to achieve this are varied, we have decided to present you with one of the simplest. This consists of using Extract.pics, a free online tool for extracting and storing images published on … Read more

📰 The origin of the Betelgeuse stellar wind is revealed through the first 3D images

Apart from the lightest elements (H, He, and Li), atoms inside stars are formed by nuclear reactions throughout their lives. But they have to flee. Among the most effective escape mechanisms are the wind (Wind is the movement of an atmosphere, mass of gas on the surface…) terrific (Stellaria is a genus of herbaceous annual … Read more

Engineers are extending the capabilities of these highly sensitive detectors to the nanoscale with potential applications in quantum computing and biological sensing.

Quantum sensors, which detect the smallest fluctuations in magnetic or electric fields, have enabled precision measurements in materials science and fundamental physics. However, these sensors were only able to detect a few specific frequencies of these fields, limiting their usefulness. Now, researchers at MIT have developed a way for these sensors to detect any frequency … Read more

AI that recognizes your emotions can be abused and shouldn’t be available to everyone, Microsoft says

Microsoft on Tuesday announced plans to stop selling facial recognition technology, which predicts a person’s emotions, gender or age, and restrict access to other artificial intelligence services due to the risk of people facing stereotypes, discrimination or unfair denial of service get abandoned. In a blog post, Microsoft references its work internally and with external … Read more