Thanks to a photo published on Reddit, he will find his family again in a few days

An Ontario adoptee still can’t believe how quickly he was able to meet much of his Quebec family just days after posting a simple photo on Reddit. “It answers a question I’ve had since I was born,” says Chris McNeil enthusiastically, days after unexpectedly reuniting with an uncle, aunt and two cousins. Born in Ottawa … Read more

Rihanna back onstage at halftime in the Super Bowl

Superstar Rihanna will host the always spectacular Super Bowl halftime concert next February, Apple Music, main sponsor of the show with huge audiences and immense financial impact, announced on Sunday. “IT’S ON!” Apple Music tweeted, adding, “Rihanna will be taking the stage” on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona, during the American Football Championship finals, … Read more

Rosalie Simard wants to be a mother

The mother and daughter are reuniting at the helm of a show this fall, families like the others, on the AMI-Télé channel. This is the perfect opportunity to share their deep bond and hear from the family. • Also read: A television project for Marie-Josée Taillefer and Rosalie Taillefer-Simard • Also read: René Simard and … Read more

A guy, a girl and a big comeback!

Guy and Sylvie have sold their large suburban home that has been abandoned by their two 20-year-old children. The loving couple from Plateau Mont-Royal moved back to Montreal, into a new condo, because they thought they still knew the city and its codes. Mistake. Posted at 5:55 p.m Guy and Sylvie still live together, and … Read more

Senior Vice President of Radio-Canada | Michel Bissonnette still has to change something

The workplaces in Radio-Canada’s new “house” have an open design. I was told that everyone, without exception, lived in these common rooms, which were on each floor. I admit that I had a little doubt. I told myself that the big bosses should benefit from a closed office. Posted at 8:15am What was my surprise … Read more