2022: Record investments in Quebec

In this election year, the government of François Legault is lucky. In 2022, Quebec will set an all-time record for private and public investment in non-residential fixed assets. This suggests that Quebec’s economy is doing well. Actually very good. Like what if the building goes, everything goes! With the polls pointing to an overwhelming victory … Read more

Is there a bug in ARC?

If you don’t mind, thanks for letting me continue shelling the mail that I started yesterday, otherwise I won’t get through… Hélène begins to lose patience. His accountant filed his tax return on April 15th. She received her tax refund from Quebec long ago, but the one from Ottawa is long overdue. Every time she … Read more

Stock market: Wall Street ends sharply, fourth week of gains for Nasdaq

(Photo: 123RF) MARKET OVERVIEW. The New York Stock Exchange closed sharply higher on Friday, still buoyed by hopes that inflation has peaked, which would ease the Fed’s monetary policy going forward. Consult market news (again). Stock market indices at close of trading In Toronto, the S&P/TSX gained 187.93 points (+0.94%) to 20,179.81 points. In New … Read more

Coworking Spaces | Big employers are tempted

The relocation of marketing communications agency Cossette from its grand offices to the 17the Floor of a building in Montreal in Coworking Spaces (cooperation) not far away, a few months ago, caught the imagination. If management questions its working model since the pandemic began, will other downtown businesses follow suit? Posted at 5:00 am Isabel … Read more

Roger’s Sugar | The Lantic sugar factory is being expanded in Montreal

Rogers Sugar is investing $160 million to increase sugar supply in eastern Canada to meet growing demand from food producers in Ontario and Quebec. Posted at 8:00 am Delphine Belzile The press The Canadian company, which specializes in refining sugar, announced Thursday morning its intention to increase the refining capacity of its Montreal facility to … Read more

Industrial rents bleeding SMEs dry

Montreal’s industrial market is seeing the highest rent increases in the country. The market entry of the Americans has something to do with it, industry observers believe. SMEs whose rent doubles or even triples when their lease is renewed pay the price. Posted at 6:00 am Andre Dubuc The press “I have a tenant who … Read more

Should You Hurry to Pay Off Your Mortgage?

(Photo: 123RF) With Canada’s federal funds rate at 4.70%, mortgage rates are rising, making home ownership increasingly unaffordable for many Canadians. So it’s not surprising that the rise in interest rates has made some homeowners want to pay off their mortgage quickly to lessen the impact of these costs. As with any financial decision, it’s … Read more