We know which artists had dinner with Éric Duhaime the day before yesterday and the nice chorus of the honorable Jean-Pot, independent candidate for cannabis

It’s time for LOST ON CAMPAIGN: our round-up of the little things that went under the radar in the last few hours of the campaign.

As you all know, a Heads of State and Government debate was held this Thursday on Radio Canada.

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We’re going to let the true political analysts determine who had the best (it’s PSPP, according to the ratings they gave each of the leaders) to focus on what really interests us: the nonsense.

It was in this area that Dominique Anglade excelled by letting it be known before the start that she was doing well feeling for the rest of the evening.

A few minutes after entering the set of the Heads of State and Government debate on Radio-Canada. 😉 See you later!

published by Dominique Anglade on Thursday, September 22, 2022

The leader of the Liberal Party was not mistaken, she did indeed perform well, showing herself to be both astute and pragmatic.

On the other hand, one of the weaknesses of this debate (which was otherwise, on the whole, very successful) was the size of the room.

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In fact, organizers of the oratorical tournament had to radio Canadian find a space large enough to accommodate a large number of elephants, as some viewers noted on Twitter.

Screenshot / Twitter

Speaking of elephants, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon has a memory worthy of the famous pachyderm when he recalls François Legault’s move to the Parti Québécois from 1998 to 2009.

Unfortunately for the PQ leader, he has had to cancel all of his campaign activities on Friday, September 23 due to an influenza virus that may be unrelated to COVID-19.

As for Éric Duhaime, he had a rather quiet evening, but his statement “I had dinner with artists yesterday at noon” raised some questions, including that of the cultural journalist of the JDQ Cédric Bélanger, who asked:

Well, he got the answer in the comments below his tweet.

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Éric Duhaime dined with actors Nicolas Canuel, Louis-Philippe Dandenault and Peter Miller, and the whole thing is immortalized on the PCQ leader’s YouTube channel.

The incredible Anne Casabonne even made a cameo at the end of the video.

We leave you with a song signed by the independent cannabis candidate in Laviolette Saint Maurice, the Honorable Jean-Pot (aka Jean-Patrick Berthiaume).

Former interim leader of the Bloc Pot, Berthiaume, distanced himself from his former party over the positions of current leader Daniel Blackburn, whom we recently interviewed.

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“I left the Bloc Pot leadership because the party went commercial by abandoning politics on the field with the voters. The fact that the party is not putting up a candidate confirms my concerns about the direction it is taking,” the honorable Jean-Pot told us via email.

In short, these two don’t seem ready to smoke the pipe of peace.

Have a nice day with these words. See you tomorrow, same chips time, same chips page.

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