TV series project | Serge Boucher takes on the world of Michel Tremblay

To confession, appearances, lighting, Brittle etc) fragmentsSerge Boucher immerses himself in the world of Michel Tremblay. The author is preparing the television adaptation of Chronicles of the Plateau Mont-Royal.

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Marc Andre Lemieux

Marc Andre Lemieux
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The project, which has just received financial support from the institutions, does not yet have a network attached. The Society for the Development of Cultural Enterprises (SODEC) made the selection Chronicles of the Plateau Mont-Royal through its support program for the pre-development of literary-inspired television series. The cooperation of the Canada Media Fund (CMF) is also confirmed.

Chronicles of the Plateau Mont-Royal is being carried by Amalga, the production company behind Serge Boucher’s earlier drama series.

Reached by phone, the president of Amalga, André Dupuy, speaks of a “colossal project”. And for a good reason. A total of 30 one-hour episodes are planned. “To cover six novels and do justice to everything that’s said there is measured,” the producer estimates.

book published in 2000, Chronicles of the Plateau Mont-Royal suggests several characters emanating from sisters-in-law. The set brings together six texts by Michel Tremblay that were published between 1978 and 1997: The fat woman next door is pregnant, Thérèse and Pierrette at the Saints-Anges school, The Duchess and the Citizen, News from Edward, The first quarter of the moon and An object of beauty.

Michel Tremblay is not actively involved in the adventure, but with Serge Boucher writing the script, he knows he is “in good hands,” says André Dupuy. “He is enthusiastic. He knows Serge well. It’s a natural feeling of trust. »

A cut?

At first glance, Serge Boucher ventures into unknown television territory Chronicles of the Plateau Mont-Royal. And not just because it’s a series that has more than one word in its title. The author usually offers mysterious series as evidenced by lighting, Brittle and companies.

André Dupuy realizes that it is a cut. However, he believes so chronicles retains some continuity.

Serge likes to put family at the center of the stories he tells. Nevertheless, there is a relationship.

André Dupuy, President of the production company Amalga

The universe of Michel Tremblay has already found its way onto the small screen. We think of Little World by Laura Cadieux, the comedy that Séries+ and TVA presented from 2003 to 2007. The persistence of Michel Tremblay’s writings is not surprising to André Dupuy. “His way of writing has always been a reflection of our society. We can live in 2022 if we understand where we come from, we can better understand where we are and why we are there. It’s one of the reasons Michel Tremblay’s work is still so well received. »

No deadline has yet been set. Remember that we are expecting Extra soon on ICI fragments, the new fiction by Serge Boucher that tells the reunion of a group of friends after 40 years of silence camping by James Hyndman, Céline Bonnier, René Richard Cyr and Luc Guérin. Directed by Claude Desrosiers, this 10-episode series was filmed in the summer.

With The American Bride

Four other titles have received institutional support. Let’s point them out among them american bride, this adaptation project of Éric Dupont’s bestseller, which would be directed by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette.


Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette

The filmmaker is also there – this time as a screenwriter The futurebased on the book by Catherine Leroux.

Finally the novel Tiohtià:ke by Michel Jean, who tells of the homelessness of the Aborigines, is also the subject of a series project The partition by Catherine Leroux.

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