“She was manipulated”: Ex-police officers involved in the suicide of a young woman?

Three former police officers had inappropriate sex with a young woman who took her own life after becoming pregnant last year, NBC Boston reported.

This was uncovered by an internal investigation within the Stoughton, Massachusetts Police Department.

Matthew Farwell, his twin brother William Farwell and Robert Devine are the three ex-officers accused of having inappropriate sex with 23-year-old Sandra Birchmore, Stoughton Police Chief Donna McNamara has revealed.

“She was abandoned, manipulated and used by authority figures she admired and trusted,” she said.

The events

Sandra Birchmore became pregnant and committed suicide in February 2021.

When she was 13, Ms Birchmore entered the police youth mentorship programme. There she met Matthew Farwell, who was her teacher.

Evidence shows Mr Farwell began a relationship with the young woman when she was 15 and he was 27.

According to the chef, hundreds of explicit messages between the two have been spotted over a number of years. William Farwell is also accused of having such an exchange during his shift. He is also said to have tried to introduce Sandra Birchmore to other men.

Regarding the baby she was carrying, Ms Birchmore had told friends she was pregnant with Mr Farwell, the Boston Globe reported. The ex-policeman had ended their relationship a few days earlier after a “quarrel”.

Other police officers involved?

The other officers involved, Robert Devine, who was in charge of the mentoring scheme for many years, and William Farwell are also accused of having an improper relationship with Ms Birchmore. A fourth man, now working at another police station, is also involved in these charges.

According to the police, five other people from this police station are said to be involved.

Mr Devine also had inappropriate contact with another young person in the programme, Ms McNamara added.

The latter asked the state to revoke the licenses of these former police officers, which would prevent them from exercising their functions again.

The investigation is ongoing and has been turned over to the Norfolk Attorney’s Office.

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