Islamic Veil and Law 21: Where is Quebec Solidaire?

A few days before Iranian Masha Amini was murdered by her prison guards for “wearing her veil too lightly,” Christine Labrie, Quebec Solidaire candidate in Sherbrooke, made a startling statement about the Islamic veil and Law 21.

On September 1, she declared that banning women teachers from wearing the Islamic veil was a “form of oppression”. As if what is happening to secularism in Quebec is as tyrannical as what women who refuse to wear the veil suffer elsewhere.

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However, on the territory of Quebec, every Muslim woman retains her complete freedom, none is persecuted by the state, imprisoned or killed for wearing the veil.

Bill 21 simply prohibits the display of religious or political symbols during school hours to protect the freedom of conscience of children and their parents. It’s a very democratic and republican position.

To justify his speech, Quebec Solidaire claims that the Islamic veil is just a piece of cloth. A harmless and personal headdress. Can we assert that the veil (beyond differences in style) always remains the same and is imposed in all Islamic regimes. This fact alone illustrates its eminently collective importance.

The symbol

The socially and politically very charged veil is a symbol of segregation towards women, these women we want to hide, control and subdue. Furthermore, in the fundamentalist version of Islam, the veiled woman would be the very expression of “purity”.

In the current situation in Iran, the repression of the Ayatollah regime against women who refuse to wear the veil is proving to be oppression, real! Every Democrat should support their rebellion.

What is Québec Solidaire saying about what is happening there these days? Complete silence. What were Québec Solidaire leaders doing when Salman Rushdie was stabbed to death? Nothing. Did you stand up for freedom of speech in October 2020 when teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded? Not at all.

On the other hand, in April 2017, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois did not hesitate to attend a fundraising dinner for the fundamentalist Muslim movement attended by Dalida Awada and Ève Torres to promote the establishment of a separate Muslim DPJ in Quebec. He then denied wanting to go in this direction, but took part anyway.

Admittedly, this event is quite revealing. So Québec solidaire has acquaintance with radical Islam, but is all in opposition to secularism and democracy.

André Lamoureux, political scientist

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