Here are the actors who will share the screen with Roy Dupuis in his new project

ICI Télé presented the full cast of the series on Thursday With a pounding heartin which Roy Dupuis will reprise his role as Christophe L’Allier.

In addition to this actressWho will play the female protagonist will be starring in the credits: Catherine Paquin-Béchard, Pierre-Paul Alain, Roc Lafortune, Maxime Mailloux, Élodie Bégin, Denis Marchand, Frédéric Boudreault, Isabel Richer, Dominick Rustam, Amélie Bernard, Alexandre Nachi , Andrew Albanese, Laetitia Isambert, Maxime Gibeault, Marie-France Lambert, Laurence Champagne, Robert Naylor, Vitali Makarov, Jayden Boyd, Jean-Nicolas Verreault, Micheline Lanctôt and Félix-Antoine Cantin.

The official synopsis of Danielle Trottier’s new series is as follows: Heartbeat is about the Center for the Prevention of Violence (CPV), a community organization that works with violent men. It was set up to draw attention to those men who have committed acts of violence against their wives, children, parents and even their friends and co-workers. The center benefits from a first class speaker: Christophe L’Allier. A trained psychopedagogue, he was a volunteer before working at the Marie Labrecque school, dedicated to young pregnant women. He decides on a new issue that touches him deeply: violence in the family. He himself experienced and lived it as a young adult. Since then, he has pondered the subject for a long time and managed to get rid of his feathers.

Christophe takes the following perspective: In the case of domestic or marital violence, the perpetrator is known, the victims are known, and the escalation to more serious crimes is foreseeable. He wants to teach men to see the extra gesture coming that could turn their lives upside down. He decides to intervene in the midst of violence… A truly titanic task!

Also heart-pounding is Gabrielle Laflamme, a Crown prosecutor who is very committed to defending victims of violence. She shares the same goals as Christophe L’Allier but takes a diametrically opposite approach. Gabrielle thinks we live in a society that is too tolerant of aggression. Therefore, his lever is the rigor of the law to make men understand that their violence is unacceptable.

Christophe and Gabrielle dream of the day when stories of violence are no longer the most widespread and, more importantly, most condoned crime on the planet. But they perceive violence in a personal and antagonistic way. Can you understand each other?

Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau are producing the series, with Jean-Philippe Duval directing.

Heart beating will land on ICI Télé from January 2023.

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