An Antivax admits he “slipped” while pulling an axe

A man who opposed the COVID vaccination has pleaded guilty to multiple misdeeds at a vaccination center in Portneuf and assaulting a security guard when he was caught in the act. He admitted to “slipping” due to his fear of the vaccine.

The Grand Portneuf Golf Club chalet, which has been converted into a COVID-19 vaccination clinic, had been the target of mischief in the winter of 2022, prompting the company to hire a 24-hour security guard to protect the site. Early in the morning of March 20, 2022, the security guard had sniffed out a suspect when he saw a vehicle in the parking lot around 5 a.m.

When the 65-year-old security guard saw the suspect smash a building window with an axe, he tried to intercept the perpetrator, but the perpetrator fought back with his gun. At the end of the altercation, the security guard received a broken hand and a blow to the back of the head. The suspect who had fled was quickly found by the police who had been summoned.


Today Samuel Doré appeared in court repentantly to plead guilty to charges of assault with a gun, mischief and possession of a burglary tool. “I was very afraid of the vaccination,” commented the 44-year-old.

“I had a great uncle who had Bell’s palsy 48 hours after the vaccination. Even though the doctor said there was no connection, I had a lot of doubts and I had a nephew that I thought his mother would get him vaccinated, so it worried me a lot,” he said.

“I slipped, I should never have done that,” continued Samuel Doré. “I regret what I did, and I particularly regret hurting the security guard. He does not deserve it. He’s a brave man,” he continued.

For his part, Judge Christian Boulet underscored the bravery of security guard Richard Nolet, who was present at the hearing. His employer estimated the value of the misdeeds during that time at $20,000, adding that the damage stopped after Doré’s arrest. The Saint-Raymond resident will return in December to hear his verdict.

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