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At home I decide what we eat for dinner.

Before I decide, I assess the number of people coming to eat, whether there are any allergies, food preferences. I also check what’s in the fridge, what’s in the freezer, what’s in the supermarket and what we’ve eaten in the past few days.

For example, I can cook lobster, but if no one likes it, if it’s not the season, or if it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, it’s not the best idea. And I won’t buy 12 if there are two of us at the table.

I need some basic information to make the right decision. I don’t have the luxury of preparing a meal that will not be eaten.

Had dinner from 3e shortcut

Why shouldn’t the CAQ do the same before digging their tunnel between Quebec and Lévis?

Yes, there will be a political decision on May 3rde Shortcut. It is still necessary that we carry out the necessary studies, evaluate the various options and make all available information available to the public.

At the moment, all opponents of the project are getting their money’s worth here. Éric Duhaime can claim that the CAQ is lying and doesn’t want to build it, while the other parties can accuse him of electoral fraud.

Rather than being honest with the voters, the Caquistes preferred to tell us that they side with the motorists rather than the pundits. They also urged us to “leave hell alone” with greenhouse gases.

The people of Lévis, Quebec and all Quebecers deserve better. They, too, currently have a political decision to make and information is being withheld from them.

why talk about it

It is important to talk about the 3e Shortcut. The various proposals clearly embody the political parties’ visions for Quebec’s development.

The CAQ wants bling-bling that marks the spirits with some green varnish to silence the few green critics. Think new dams, retirement homes, LAB schools…

The Conservatives want to continue to make room for the car, even if it means scrapping part of the Île d’Orléans. No matter what, no matter whether there is social acceptance. The same applies to the development of hydrocarbons.

Québec solidaire proposes removing lanes from motorists and replacing them with public transit. The party promises a revolution in the milieu, especially in Montreal. Goodbye traditional cars in 2040.

The PQ offers another third connection, only by public transport. A bit like their climate plan, it’s “the best proposal” on the table, according to one expert. But it’s still struggling to be seen as a real possibility.

The Liberal Party proposes a vague project with no budget or timetable. No concrete plan. He’s painfully searching for a proposal that will work…just like his campaign.

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