Separation for Cathy Gauthier | 7 days

In a chronicle Life coach for people in trouble where she answered her mail on the airwaves of the morning show The boost! At Énergie on September 15, Cathy Gauthier surprised her colleagues Rémi-Pierre Paquin and Martin Tremblay, as well as the audience, with a surprise. The comedian has announced that she is no longer married to François Paradis.

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“I’m single. I’m telling you because everyone has texted me that I’ve been losing weight lately and wanted to know what my thing is.” She explained that she lost 10 pounds in two weeks. She mentioned that she was going to Abitibi for a week and that she would give further explanations about their breakup when she returned to the Énergie microphone.

The radio clip was posted to her public Facebook page, where one user wrote a comment saying it was sad and that she felt sorry. The comedian replied: “It’s nice, but know that I’m very well. And sometimes a breakup is for the best. We get along very well, we have a good team spirit and a lot of respect for each other!”

Then, in response to the same netizen who wrote to her: “A successful breakup is one of the best gifts you can give your daughter,” Cathy Gauthier added: “The bullying and the grudges are useless. Especially with children involved. Resilience and acceptance are more my ways.” She replied to another netizen that the last few months had been difficult, but things are better now.


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The artist and the son of ex-minister Pierre Paradis, who met in 2009, were married for seven years. In his one woman show Classicwhich launched last April, the 45-year-old comedian talks a lot about himself, who is the show’s producer.

“I think he’s able to take it. It’s always been one of his obsessions that I talk about him on my show, and that’s where I do it, but it’s more me that embarrasses me,” she told our magazine in August 2021. During the same interview, she said of their relationship: “We are very different and I think that makes us strong.”

From their union, on April 4, 2018, their daughter Alice was born. Cathy was also the stepmother of Léa, 16, daughter of François.

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