Marvel: A member of the Avengers will have their own game at EA, find out which one!

Game news Marvel: A member of the Avengers will have their own game at EA, find out which one!

Marvel’s superheroes have been popular for a number of years, I’m sure you get that. After Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy at Square Enix and Marvel’s Spider-Man and Wolverine at Insomniac Games, it’s now EA’s turn to tackle one of the members of the Avengers… Yes, the American studio has just formalized a brand new Marvel game .

Iron Man will have its own game and it will be at EA

Again, the information was more or less leaked a few months ago, but so far nothing has been formalized by Electronic Arts … But today EA is finally speaking. On its official website, the American publisher announces the news: there is indeed an Iron Man game from Marvel on the program. but the latter, still rather mysterious, is only in its infancy.

Iron Man is currently in an early stage of development. Electronic Arts

We then learn that the title is still in the pre-production phase. Nevertheless, EA has hinted that this new Iron Man game will be a third-person action game. like Marvel’s Spider-Man and its spin-off Miles Morales released a few years ago. We also know that this new production will feature an “original narrative drawing on Iron Man’s rich history and channeling the complexity, charisma and creative genius of Tony Stark.”

To persist a little more on the early side of development, take note the title has no official name yet, even if we fancy that the whole thing has a good chance of being called Marvel’s Iron Man.

EA motives at the top

This new project is a creation of Motive Studio, a house to which we owe Star Wars: Squadrons, but also the remake of Dead Space, which is expected in early 2023. Everything is overseen by Olivier Proulx, who has worked in particular on a well-loved hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, and can count on the participation of several industry veterans such as Ian Frazier, Maëlenn Lumineau and JF Poirier.

It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to create a video game based on one of the most iconic superheroes in today’s entertainment world. We have a great opportunity to create a new and unique story that we can make our own. Marvel encourages us to create something new. We have a lot of freedom, which is very motivating for the team. Olivier Proulx, executive producer of Marvel’s Iron Man (tentative name)

Of course, there’s no release window, trailer, or even gaming platform to celebrate all of this… So we’ll have to be patient.

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