Justin: The spell no longer works

“Caught in a landside, no escape from reality”.

A little red light should have shone in the Prime Minister’s entourage as Justin Trudeau sang the Queen group’s mythical verse in the lobby of a chic London hotel on Saturday night.

Justin Trudeau does seem to be stuck in quicksand, trapped in reality.

A star

The reality is that the Trudeau recipe, that of the star politician, is reaching its limits. You’ll tell me it’s been a long time, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

The fact remains that the prime minister is polarizing more than ever.

How else to explain the worldwide outcry that was triggered by his prank in London.

His perceived lack of decency doesn’t explain everything.

Can we imagine French President Emmanuel Macron or German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pushing the song like that? Of course not.

However, our sense of propriety is not that which prevails in the great European capitals, nor even that which prevails in the United States.

There was a time when Justin Trudeau could afford this kind of prank and escaped almost unscathed.

Let’s not try to make comparisons with the crazy staging of his trip to India. In this respect, there was agreement on the completely ridiculous side of the matter.


The short video of her karaoke party with Gregory Charles two days before Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral has gone viral.

I personally don’t think we should be too offended.

On the one hand, we know little about the connections. On the other hand, we are talking about a moment when we gather around a piano.

We’ve seen worse inappropriate behavior, even when the prime minister wore a vulgar t-shirt.

That being said, Justin Trudeau must have known he was going to be filmed.

A hotel’s lobby is not a private space, whatever its surroundings may say.

The Prime Minister has been using social media extensively to build his brand for years. He cannot now invoke the right to privacy for acts committed in public.

Whoever lives by the image will perish by the image.


This is exactly where the Prime Minister’s shoe pinches.

Will those around him have the courage to ask the real question: why so many negative reactions to a song?

After seven years in power, Justin Trudeau is looking for a way to rejuvenate himself.

How does one reconnect with an electorate that is increasingly reluctant to do so?

The prime minister’s theatrical style was altogether refreshing seven years ago after the Harper decade.

Today it annoys more than it amuses.

The London episode remains anecdotal despite the poignancy and ridicule on social media.

But that is also the wear and tear of power.

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