After Elizabeth II’s funeral, the unity of the Windsor clan was quickly forgotten

No sooner is Elizabeth II’s funeral over than Harry, Meghan and Andrew return to the shadows. If the British monarchy presented to the eyes of the world looking at it the picture of a family as united as possible, the divisions are not resolved.

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The active “Royal” resumed their representational work on Thursday. Heir William and his wife Kate thanked volunteers and workers who oversaw the organization of Monday’s funeral in Windsor, as did his aunt Princess Anne with marching soldiers. His uncle Edward visited him in Estonia and Germany to meet British troops.


While the monarchy had been working through the period of national mourning leading up to the funeral to include Andrew, who was sidelined following a sex scandal, and Harry and Meghan, who left for California, the bracket appears to be closed. Now responsible for maintaining the “firm,” a derogatory nickname for the monarchy, Charles III. no desire at the moment to sweep the past clean.

However, in his first speech, he mentioned his son Harry and wife Meghan, with whom relations have soured since their harrowing departure to California in 2020. While seemingly ruling out a return, he does specify that the couple “continues to build their life abroad.”

The “Sussex” (Harry is Duke of Sussex) in return accepted the offer of Crown Prince William, Harry’s brother, and his wife Kate, with whom they are notoriously cold, to accompany them on a tour of Windsor and time reform this Her former glamor quartet the “Fab Four” performs.

Even Prince Andrew, brother of Charles, stripped of most of his military titles, was authorized to wear the uniform around his coffin for “the Prince’s Guard” of Elizabeth II’s four children. Same for Harry the next day.


“They really put up a united front” to pay tribute to “one of the greatest Britons of all time,” said Kings expert Richard Fitzwilliams. You yourself should have led this “world union” during the “fascinating” spectacle of the funeral, explains the expert, who believes the mission has been fulfilled.

“But everyone knows there are disagreements,” he nuanced, noting that the “issues with Andrew” are far from settled.

The king’s brother “thinks he can find an official position”, “but Karl knows full well that it is impossible”. Due to the age difference “not particularly close” to Andrew, the new king will have to lead this lumbering brother “without a future” on stage.


Aside from Andrew, the rift with the Sussexes doesn’t seem to have closed. Despite the efforts of both sides, Harry and William don’t seem to have regained their former bond.

Harry and Meghan had a special relationship with the Queen, notes Richard Fitzwilliams, “they were strangely close to her because they could always see her even when there were disagreements with others.” Elizabeth II passed away, maintaining the connection will no longer be as obvious, especially “that we don’t know” to what extent the funeral allowed for a rapprochement, he believes.

The couple returned to California, where their children Archie and Lilibeth are waiting for them, without Harry officially reconsidering his intentions of releasing an autobiography feared by the monarchy by the end of the year.

According to the expert, should Andrew be out of the game, however, Charles can count on the Queen Consort Camilla and the rest of his siblings, i.e. his last brother Edward and his wife Sophie, as well as the Princess Royal, their sister Anna.

The following generations are not left out: William and Kate, very popular, have always shown their loyalty to the crown.

The “masterstroke” to show family unity? Mr. Fitzwilliams believes he “brought up George and Charlotte at the funeral,” the couple’s children, who “will always be more present.”


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