Wine Friday with Stéphan Bureau

In what physical and mental condition will you arrive on Friday evening? Do you waver between the destroyed and the demolished, or between the burned and the charred?

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Honestly, my first instinct wouldn’t have been to turn on TVA to unwind after a hard week’s work at the factory. Drinking an overpriced natural wine that smells like stables? Yes, please take my money! Hear people yell at each other on TV in a flying saucer? No thank you.

My enthusiasm for new things The world turned upside down by Stéphan Bureau, which started at TVA on Friday at 8 p.m., was like a Wallaroo Trail in the ranking of the best wines of 2021: at the bottom.

But like a Jessica Harnois discovering a drinkable wine, I was pleasantly surprised by this fast-paced current affairs program. First, by the diversity of commentators, from left and centre-right: comedian Guy Nantel, courier writer Louise Deschâtelets, analyst Yasmine Abdelfadel and journalist Raed Hammoud.

The regular employees of Wrong world, which form different quartets every Friday, do not all carry the Quebecor label, which would have been a mistake and a foil for many. Stéphan Bureau will of course welcome Richard Martineau and Sophie Durocher, but also Biz and Gregory Charles. In short, the viewer will not have the impression of reading the chronicles of the MontrealJournal on TV.

We must now speak of the ease of Stéphan Bureau, who led the debates live for 90 minutes. He is excellent, informed, curious, like on Radio Canada radio, both in one-on-one interviews and in verbal competitions.

Despite hot topics like immigration rates or the biased media treatment from left and right, the heat didn’t rise that much on the set of Stéphan Bureau. However, the tone was muscular between Raed Hammoud, who presented a series of statistics on crime, and Guy Nantel, who (rightly) accused him of a monologue without opening up to the other debater. But no epic spit when it rains on Laurent Ruquier’s projects, an obvious inspiration from the Wrong worldin a more consensual format.

The team of Wrong world got a great scoop for its premiere, a (full-bodied) interview with Conservative MP Gérard Deltell walking across a floor full of fresh eggs coated in petroleum jelly. Stéphan Bureau thoroughly boiled him over the election of Pierre Poilievre as leader of his party, which Gérard Deltell was uncomfortable with on several occasions. Good TV time.

Visually, the bluish decor of the Wrong world shines in our screens with one major drawback. TVA Studio A seems too small for the ambitions of this show. We feel the captain tense up there, and you can tell that in the one-on-ones that take place at the front line, almost on the knees of the audience in the room.

It’s a lot of intimacy and closeness, shall we say. And we should maybe check the size of huge screens that take up too much space.

There’s also a weird side to Stéphan Bureau hosting his show with his back to the audience. As long as you offer suggestions, why not get more out of Stéphan Bureau’s opening monologue, which lacked tone on Friday? However, to explain his show’s title, the presenter challenged a good one: when the Liberals’ budget is less “balanced” than Québec Solidaire’s, the world is upside down.

The first episode of Wrong world was seen by 493,000 people sneaking by Please do not send flowers at Radio Canada (405,000). Respectable ratings, certainly, but not surprising for a production of this scale.

I’m also not sure if Friday, an evening associated with relaxation rather than confrontation, is appropriate Wrong world. The show was originally called sit down ! and had been designed to cross swords with Everyone talks about it. Why did TVA back down in its attack on Guy A. Lepage’s niche? Really, the potential of Wrong world would have increased tenfold if deposited in the nearest Sunday box revolution.

It’s hot, it’s hot!

So what’s new in the ruthless war between STAT and Untenable ? It heats up, like the wound of the patient who injured his lower body while having fun with his mistress in a car. The first data contained in the records put the two daily newspapers almost on an equal footing. The first four episodes ofUntenable would have seen 1,451,000 fans versus 1,428,000 addicts in the first four hours STAT. However, these dates were not confirmed by Numeris.

monday evening, STAT (1,329,000) regained the upper hand Untenable (1,086,000) based on live measured hearing. Before the crash (510,000) rose while lagging behind warnings (603,000). conversations with my parents (1,073,000) crushed the millions in the process 5e rank (788,000) styled The Runaway (650,000).

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