Charles III and the fall of the monarchy

The death of Elizabeth II will change Britain forever. The friendly old lady with her funny hats was more popular than the monarchy.

She is replaced by her much less appreciated son. Charles’ image was permanently tarnished by the way he treated Lady Diana, his first wife, with his mistress Camilla, who is now his consort. The numerous controversies surrounding it mean that it is frowned upon in Britain and around the world.

The exit door

King Charles III sits on the throne while anti-monarchism is on the rise both in Britain and throughout the Commonwealth.

The prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, one of 14 countries including Canada where the British sovereign is head of state, said he plans to hold a referendum on the monarchy within three years. Other Caribbean countries are preparing to do the same. A minister from a former British colony told his parliament: “Perhaps it is time Belize took another step towards truly owning our independence.”

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said a few days ago that she had no doubts that her country would become a republic.

At its peak, the British Empire comprised more than a quarter of the world’s population. Now Great Britain itself is in danger: Scotland and Northern Ireland could split off because of Brexit.

What about Canada?

Justin Trudeau says the country is “looking to the future with His Majesty King Charles III. As Sovereign of Canada”. Will he ever have to apologize? It’s his mania.

Many Canadians are as indifferent to the monarchy as they are to King Charles’ accession to the throne. A recent poll by Angus Reid shows that 67% of Canadians said they opposed the idea of ​​Charles succeeding his mother and 55% of Canadians thought the monarchy was no longer relevant.

Canada’s changing demographics are helping to spread this anti-monarchist sentiment. The majority of immigrants (now 21.5% of the population) come from countries that have no connection to the British monarchy or, worse, that see the crown as a symbol of colonialism and oppression.

But replacing the governor general with a president will be quite a challenge. It would require the approval of Parliament and seven provincial parliaments representing at least 50% of the country’s population.

Rule a failing kingdom

Back to Charles III: his kingdom is currently facing an economic black hole. Britain’s inflation rate will soon reach 12%. The British pound has lost a third of its value against the US dollar since Brexit. The UK banking system is reeling as the Indian economy has outperformed the UK this year. The sun sets on the monarchy that once ruled the world.

God save the king of what once was Land of Hope and Glory !

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