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Nearly 15% of Canada Goose’s Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 apparel is made in Quebec. While the company will begin designing its new women’s collection in its Montreal and Boisbriand factories within two days, there are still nearly 300 vacancies. And to attract employees, we rely on a beautiful environment and productivity bonuses: the faster they are in the production phase of the coats, the more generously they are paid.

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Nathaelle Morissette

Nathaelle Morissette
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“The salary really is unlimited,” said a production manager at the Montreal plant during a visit to the Chabanel Street facilities on Tuesday. The latter — who the company declined to tell us because he doesn’t have a spokesman’s title — confirms that some employees make $30 an hour and even more. Importantly, they are all entitled to the same basic salary. “But the faster you are, the more money you have,” he added. A few hours after the visit, Canada Goose reiterated that all employees are paid a base salary and are not encouraged to become “machines” that harm their health and the quality of the product.

Currently, the Metropolis factory — operational since 2019 — produces 450 coats a day, but it could double its output… if it had more guns. However, the company, known for its famous down parkas, some models selling for more than $1,000, is no exception when it comes to labor shortages. And she misses it very much.

When we visited, on production line number 8, several dozen sewing machines were covered with a blue cover and were always waiting for an employee to get in line to sew sleeves or a hood. Is recruitment difficult? In response, we are shown the completely empty production line.


Currently, the factory in the metropolis – in operation since 2019 – produces 450 coats a day, but could double its production…

Typically, each of the production lines can accommodate 45 to 50 operators. At the moment there are about 30 on average, and out of a total of 10 channels, seven are in operation.

However, the large rooms, the lighting, the large windows, the high ceilings, the cafeteria equipped with more than twenty microwave ovens and as many toasters seemed to offer the staff present a comfortable environment during the visit. The Montreal factory covers an area of ​​1500 square feet.

Canada Goose has 700 employees in Quebec. In the past six months, around 15 workers from Ukraine have been hired by the company in the province. The coat maker, headquartered in Toronto, also has three factories in Ontario and another three in Manitoba. His coats are sold in almost 40 countries.

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    Canada Goose has nine stores in Canada located in Toronto, Ottawa, Banff, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

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