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To avoid giving birth to a flop with reboothis first series since modern family, Steve Levitan “worked super hard”. His efforts paid off. The American writer, director and producer hits a second consecutive home run with this new comedy. At least that’s what we come to after watching the first four episodes.

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Marc Andre Lemieux

Marc Andre Lemieux
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“I felt the pressure,” Steve Levitan admits in an interview zoom. I managed this stress by working long hours. And on the days when I was less sure, I worked even harder. »

reboot (in French version, Restoration) lands on Disney+ this Tuesday. Consisting of eight roughly half-hour episodes, the first season plunges us into the world of a disparate cast of actors who are forced to reconnect when a video-on-demand platform decides to end the moderately popular sitcom in which they starred at the beginning of the… 2000s played to revive.

We’re talking about a talented but pretentious headliner who dreams of dramatic roles (Keegan-Michael Key), a former idol-turned-duchess-turned-duchess (Judy Greer), an aging bad boy (Johnny Knoxville) and an ex-child star who having a serious attention problem (calum worthy). Virtually off the radar for two decades, this one has been must find a way to settle their old quarrels in order to move forward.


The creator, director, writer and producer of rebootSteve Levitan

The idea behind it reboot met Steve Levitan in spring 2018 during the implosion of roseanethat 1980s-1990s sitcom that ABC had brought back to life… until its lead actress, producer and screenwriter Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet.

“I thought, ‘Wow! It must be fascinating to be behind the scenes of the show now! That would make a great series!” But I was still under contract until 2020 modern family. And I was convinced that in the meantime someone else would come up with the idea. But two years later, no project was underway. So I decided to go there. »

Hollywood under the magnifying glass

From the beginning, reboot enjoys skinning Hollywood, its emptiness, its incompetent leaders, its bohemian-bourgeois culture, its yoga pants, its nature hikes, its festivals of all kinds, its luxurious electric cars, and most importantly its lack of originality…hence his obsession with remakes.


Keegan-Michael Enter reboot

Despite everything, Steve Levitan insists: his aim was never to destroy the industry in which he works. During our interview, he even defends the fat cats of certain studios who are constantly digging up dusty old hits.

“With all these shows that come out every week, it’s hard to stand out. It’s normal to think, “We could bring back this program that a lot of people used to like…” I understand that reflex. I refuse to point fingers at those who have it. Especially if they reinvent the patent. Because a make new, that can be very interesting. »

i loved that reboot from 21 Jump Street. I found it brilliant and funny. But those are not necessarily the things that interest me. I prefer to explore new territories.

Steve Levitan

reboot is nothing like a copy-paste of modern family. Their premises differ far too much for such a charge to be accepted. And yet, followers of the Pritchett clan will recognize Steve Levitan’s style in every scene: his clever, razor-sharp, humorous writing, his succinct lines, and most importantly, his great talent for inventing emotional moments that have nothing lewd about them.

“The world needs TV shows feel well, full of good feelings that do good, that elicit hearty laughter. »

More freedom

In the USA, reboot is available on Hulu. In Quebec, it lands on Disney+ under the Star tab, a banner reserved for adult-oriented productions. After producing 11 seasons of modern family For ABC, a mainstream mainstream channel, Steve Levitan appreciates the freedom of a video-on-demand service. And not just to be able to crown his characters. “I like the freedom of time. The consequences of modern family all had to be 21 minutes and 30 seconds, even if we had 26 minutes of excellent footage. It was difficult to cut at times.

” On reboot, as long as the lead writer doesn’t lapse into self-indulgence and keeps a cool head, he can choose to stretch an episode out for as long as needed. It can be good for the show. We can let gags breathe, allow ourselves other things… It’s a new toy that I like to play with. »


Paul Reiser and Rachel Bloom are there reboot

Might dig up Steve Levitan in a few years modern family, time for a sequel, a reboot or a remake? “I’m not thinking about that right now,” the screenwriter replies with a smile. modern family was a real blessing. On all plans. I don’t know how we could top what we’ve done. But if someone has a good idea that breaks everything, I’ll look into it. »

reboot (Restoration) lands on Disney+ this Tuesday.

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