New order option without waiting at Normandin

For customers who are pressed for time, the Normandin chain is launching a new “Table Express” service, allowing them to pre-order and pay for their meals even before they arrive at the restaurant.

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This new option will be offered in the province’s 43 restaurants, according to Jean Julien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Normandin.

“It allows customers to pre-order their food at the table. The principle of pre-ordering already exists at the counter, but not on site, in the dining room, as far as I know. This is a new service that we started across our network over the summer,” explained Mr. Julien.

This formula offers several benefits, he says, including better kitchen resource planning.

“This means we know, for example, whether someone has a business appointment with six people tomorrow at noon, and we can then set up the staff accordingly. It’s much faster. It is an efficiency gain for our employees and a time saver for customers.”

With the labor shortage affecting the restaurant industry in general, innovation is required to address this difficulty.

“Everyone feels that. We sometimes have waiting places at home, like everywhere else. Sometimes we work with reduced staff. So the better we can predict what’s coming, the more effective we’ll be,” he added.

As students return to school, restaurants are juggling hours to avoid service disruptions.

In Normandin’s case, Julien says the company has roughly the same number of employees as in 2019, with 2,600 employees.

“The difference with today’s employees is that they give us slightly fewer hours, hence the relevance of tools like Table Express because we can plan even better.”

To benefit from this new formula, simply reserve online at least two hours before visiting the restaurant. To access the Table Express service, simply go to the website and select the online booking option. After choosing the location of the restaurant of your choice, the application will offer you the “Table Express” option to choose the arrival time and menu choices.

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