Derelict building: Chocolats Favoris is temporarily closing in the old town of Lévis

The Chocolats Favoris branch on Rue Bégin in the old town of Lévis will close its doors as a preventive measure due to its dilapidated state. The new studies raise safety issues.

“The safety of our employees and our customers is our priority. We make all of our decisions with that in mind,” Charles Auger, vice president of corporate development, said this morning.

Given the new know-how, the activities of the chocolate factory are suspended until the branch is installed in the Miscéo district, opposite the convention center. The opening is planned for early November.

This means that customers in the industry will be deprived of the oldest business in the chocolate chain for around six weeks.

The company was founded in Lauzon in 1979 before moving to rue Bégin in Lévis in 1996. The owners have been in the current building since 2012.

The leaders ensure that keeping operations in Lévis running is fundamental for the whole team.

“Lévis is part of the corporate culture. With all the know-how in hand, we will be able to make the right decisions. Ultimately, our goal is to stay at the same address in Old Lévis. And as a local and resident of Lévis, I make it my mission,” promises Charles Auger.

Earlier this month, workers at the Vieux-Lévis chocolate factory learned they would be moving to the makeshift store in the Miscéo district in November, as major work is planned at the Rue Bégin site.

At that time, the company management had no idea that major interventions would have to be made.

“We have been waiting for new studies, including one from a company that specializes in the restoration of ancestral structures. Today we are confronted with information that we don’t like at all,” says the Vice President.

The building on Rue Bégin was acquired by the current management in 2012. Significant sums have been invested in maintenance and repairs over the years.

“However, we have to admit that the building has serious water infiltration problems,” we explain.

Chocolats Favoris currently has 59 chocolate shops in three Canadian provinces.

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