Which trendy hairstyle is the most flattering?

A woman of any age is a real force to be faced. And you know that when she decides it’s time for a hairstyle change, either all hell breaks loose or a path of reinvention and self-improvement is underway. If you’ve always had long hair and want a radical change, why not get inspired and take a trip to the hairdresser’s? Research shows that when we start changing our physical appearance, our minds are also changed. And in a good way! Without further ado, here are some fall trend short haircut ideas for 50 year old blonde women!

Trendy short haircut for 50-year-old blonde women

DeaVita team has prepared four trend ideas for short and medium length hair for women over 50. If you’re really about to cut your hair, don’t worry, there is a way out! You can try free haircut simulator for women, which will let you see if short hair suits you without even leaving the sofa. Sounds good right? We also tell you which hair suits your face shape best and why. Hurry to find out? Continue reading!

Trendy pixie cut 2022

pixie cut

Between the pixie cut! In general, three face shapes work best for the pixie cut: round, heart, and oval. If you’re not sure what face shape you have, read our article on the subject to find out. Otherwise, the pixie cut is not only a fashion statement, but also a feminist statement. Women have always been seen with long hair, and cutting it short caused some problems back then. With the suffragettes, however, many positive changes were made in women’s freedom. Not only morally, politically and socially, but also physically. And that’s not all ! This fall, the trends are extraordinary. It’s time to be bold and unabashedly trendy because the pixie cut is always on the list of trendy hairstyles.

Shaved pixie cut

Short shaved haircut for women 2022

Are you rebellious and want to stand out from the crowd? Why not adopt this more fashionable and rocking version of the pixie cut? This trendy short hairstyle adds depth and personality to your look. In addition, it is ideal for adding volume to fine hair. The asymmetrical cut is perfect for oval shapes as it sharpens facial features and adds a more punk touch.

Trendy square cut autumn 2022

Square cut woman 50 years 2022

THE women’s haircut par excellence for 2022? THE cut for a square face? We’re sure you already know! The trendy Short Square Cut 2022! Did you know that this is the perfect haircut for a square face? Plus, it’s a less drastic change that still changes the look without making it dramatic. Curl the sides for a more romantic look and why not try the scandi wave method?

Short haircut for 50 year old blonde women: Short degraded bob

short square

Hi ? Posh Spice called she wants her hair back! If you are not a fan of the pixie cut or the bob cut, why not compromise? The short degraded square cut and even the asymmetrical square cut are perfect when you want volume in your hair! You will have beautiful golden locks that fall down the sides of your face while feeling the pleasure and ease of having short hair. In fact, this type of hair suits all face shapes, which is technically called a cheat! The DeaVita team hopes to have inspired you and wishes you a pleasant visit to the hairdresser!

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