Véronic DiCaire opens up about the importance of her professional relationship with her spouse

Last fall, she took on the role of investigating judge with contagious joy Masked Singers! If the scene still bothers her that much, she finds the time to help film the second season of this show…besides being in a movie. A happy whirlwind, where his discipline keeps him from feeling dizzy!

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Véronic, you are completing a series of 12 shows in 15 days, in addition to completing filming for the second season of Masked Singers. You must be exhausted!
Our business is all or nothing. It’s been very busy since lockdown ended; There is a funnel effect because many projects that were on hold were restarted at the same time! I try to discipline more strictly at a time like this and I manage to find a balance. My team and I make it a habit to do a yoga class before shows and it helps me a lot. This rigor is important because my shows are physically demanding and I want to be in great shape to give all I can to the people who worked hard to buy their tickets. But I admit that I can’t wait to have a day off!

In your shows, you mimic dozens of voices while doing choreography. You are actually a top athlete!
My physical therapist says I’m hard on my body! I’ve spoken to professional athletes many times, and I’ve actually found many similarities in the way we manage our meals, our rest periods, and our schedules. I like this kind of mentoring, it allows me to focus on my shows.

I have the impression that your relationship with Rémon, your lover and manager, is essential for your balance …
Absolutely! I like having a spouse who handles all the details around me and with whom I can exchange sweet things over coffee in the morning. It is also very pleasant to share my career with my lover, to experience all this with him. I feel very privileged! It is certain that the fact that we are so close gives a very direct side to our exchange; there are discussions about the work, which we jump right into. I would say maybe sometimes it’s special for the people around us because we treat business matters the same as private matters. But most of all, I see benefits in our relationship.

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They started over 20 years ago and have had great success on both sides of the ocean. What we see today is the bright side after years of effort, but you must have had more difficult passages?
Josélito Michaud once said, when he was talking about my career, that Rémon and I drove on the slip road for a long time, but when the opportunity arose, we took it and it was all gone! I like this picture; We were in no hurry and wanted to do our courses. Yes, there were pitfalls, but we took the opportunity to learn from them. I would say that for the most part it was fantastic but yes we had to be patient!

What gave you the power to see long-term?
It’s Remon! At the beginning of my career, I was rather impatient and mainly thought about the future, about the coming success. Rémon brought me back to the fact that the journey is just as important as the destination, if not more so. It has helped me appreciate the present moment.

let’s talk about Masked Singers. I’ve been told this season will be extra exciting and full of twists and turns…
Yes! It was great finding my three fellow judge investigators! This season will be full of surprises, with exciting new releases and great reveals. It moves me to see that the participants give themselves body and soul again this year and how touched they are by their experiences on the show.


How would you describe your style as an investigating judge?
I try to connect to the voice rather than the cues. I’m not very good at associating clues with personalities! I leave that to Anouk, who is very strong in this area. As I am used to analyzing and classifying votes, I use these tools in my role as judge-investigator.

See you at the cinema on Friday Niagara. If you have a lot of acting experience, this was your first film. How did you experience this?
I loved! I usually play people who exist; I have to be specific and get as close to that person as possible. It was fun developing a role with Guillaume (Lambert who wrote and directed the film), from his vision. I was able to immerse myself in the composition of Stacy, both in terms of her physical appearance and her accent and personality. I was happy to find Éric Bernier to work with Funny Veronica. I also enjoyed playing with François Pérusse, who really impressed me.


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Was acting in a movie part of your aspirations?
I didn’t aspire to be an actress, but I really enjoyed it. I’m basically a song performer, but I realize I can also portray characters. I like to think that this is just the beginning for me!

Véronic continues their shows in Quebec until October 29th.
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Masked Singers returns this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on TVA.
Niagara hits theaters on September 16th.

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