Unplanned Pregnancy: An organization denounced for ‘questionable practices’

A Quebec organization that claims to support women with unwanted pregnancies has been the target of many critics, including beneficiaries, who accuse it of being “anti-choice” and doing whatever it takes to discourage them from opting for an abortion decide.

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Option Grossesse, a non-profit organization, has been the subject of numerous denunciations on social networks that have been increasing in recent days.

The organization, based in Chemin Sainte-Foy, points out that it offers support to women with unwanted pregnancies by offering alternatives to abortion – without excluding the latter possibility.

However, many testimonials indicate that the organization tends to be “anti-choice” and does not present options objectively.

“Please go somewhere else. It is an organization funded by pro-life groups. I had a meeting (pre-Covid) that lasted several hours where I was emotionally drained to bombard myself with suggestions in the last hour of the meeting, turn to prayer and knowing how to make the right decision,” we can read in the opinions of the Google search engine.

“ANTI CHOICE. Will not accompany you if you decide to have an abortion,” reported another user on the same platform.

In 2020, Gina Clark experienced an unplanned pregnancy. Typing “Quebec Abortion” into Google will direct you to Option Grossesse.

“This organization is clearly opposed to the election. I was moved to tears. Even when I said I was having suicidal thoughts and that I was barely out of the depression, I was told there were resources that could help me keep the baby,” she laments.

In addition, Mrs. Clark was in the process of separation and the mother of a child just under one year old.

“Questionable Practices”

SOS Pregnancy, a pro-choice organization, protests that when they research abortion or schedule an abortion appointment, results on Google lead directly to that organization.

The situation is very worrying, especially in a context where the US Supreme Court recently abolished abortion rights and where pro-life movements are increasingly active in Quebec.

“That makes us sad. What we want most is that women who experience an unwanted pregnancy have free choice and neutral information,” argues Sylvie Pedneault, Managing Director of SOS Pregnancy.

Mme Pedneault denounces “a lack of transparency” on the part of this organization.

Supported by religious groups

Distrust of Option Grossesse is also fueled by the fact that it has received some other non-profit organizations with a religious vocation. The website Charitydata.org lists donations received in 2020 from St. Mark’s Reformed Church and the Baptist Church.

Le Journal made several unsuccessful attempts to contact Option Grossesse officials.

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