The first masked singer is eliminated, and we never expected to see that person on the show

WARNING: This text contains spoilers of the episode of Masked Singers from 18.09.

If you were among those who watched the first episode of the second edition of the show Masked Singers At TVA, you’re probably still picking your jaw off the floor.

If you haven’t heard it, you’re not ready for what’s next.

The season started with a bang with Elephant Yéyé singing very well bluesy from I lost my baby by Jean Leloup.

Then the Bébéluga shared his passion for Sam Breton with us by covering a Les BB classic.

Then came the time when the cocktail Tiki took center stage.

The drink sang in my way by Frank Sinatra like his life depended on it. When the four investigators released their predictions, there was no clear consensus, and no one seemed overly sure of their answer.

Denise Filiatrault, Anne-France Goldwater, Nathalie Petrowski and FouKi (yes, Stéphane Rousseau is still trying to be funny) are the names that came out.

Then we were entitled to two more benefits, viz don’t stop me now sung by Super Otter, and Never enough the queen of day and night.

At the end of the evening, the local audience voted on which masked singer had to be unmasked and leave the adventure. You’re probably guessing the tiki cocktail was chosen.

Just before the mascot had to remove his head to reveal his full Quebec identity, Sam Breton had a sudden idea and said he thought it was Denise Bombardier.

And Sam Breton was right.

The 81-year-old columnist, author and moderator was actually in the costume!

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Despite being one of the biggest back jobs in Quebec television history, Mme Bombardier seems to have had fun nonetheless. She even revealed that her second song choice (which she sadly won’t need) was already made: it was her No, I have no regrets.

In any case. We didn’t see it coming.

Masked Singers is available to catch up on TVA+.

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