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The new queen of Canada’s drag queens, Gisèle Lullaby, has been popular since her victory in season three of Canada’s Drag Race ! In addition to appearing with Mayor Valérie Plante at the Orchester Symphonique de Montréal Ball, the Quebec native has announced that she will be touring Australia in October.

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Samuel Larochelle

Samuel Larochelle
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The all-rounder has been enjoying her title as Queen of the North for a few days. “It’s like the Oscar for best drag queen or the golden ticket to do whatever I want with. I also got offers [pour des performances] from California, Texas and New York! »

Above all, she dreamed of bringing the title home. “At one point I didn’t even do it for myself, I did it for Quebec,” said the winner. I’ve felt a lot of love from Quebecers, especially from the Quebec LGBTQ+ community, which is huge and very encouraging. »


Mayor Valérie Plante and Gisèle Lullaby at the OSM Annual Ball

Despite watching every season of the American franchise and the many international versions, nothing prepared her for the isolation surrounding filming. “We have been cut off from loved ones, family and landmarks for a month and a half. It blew my mind! admits Gisele Lullaby. People don’t realize how fast and challenging shoots are. »

The context requires great mental strength from the participants.

It’s so hard to be constantly criticized by the elite around you and compared to competitors you admire.

Gisele lullaby

Luckily among them was their friend Lady Boom Boom. “I went into the lion’s den with mine friend, begotten ! We have the same vision of drag. We stimulate each other on stage. It’s the best positive competition there is. »

Rita Baga Advisor

She could also take the advice of Rita Baga, season one finalist. “Rita told me it would be a puzzle for me because I’m hyperactive,” says Gisèle Lullaby, whose real name is Simon Gosselin. I find it difficult to do nothing. »

It has to be said that the most famous drag queen in Quebec is her best friend. “We’ve known each other since I was six years old. you are my best friend We all lived together. When I gave up dancing, I went to cabaret for him and my drag career began. »

Looking back, she realizes that she was born for drag, although she originally dreamed of acting in theatre.


Gisele lullaby

As a kid I thought I needed makeup to be an actor so I learned it from my mom who was a sales clerk at Avon. She also taught me how to sew and I was always good at drawing.

Gisele lullaby

“I’ve practiced all my life. I did my girlfriends makeovers all through high school before I did my prom makeup, she adds. I’ve learned to prep my wigs, think of a design before I make it, draw my patterns and practice mine lip sync hours in front of the mirror. »

The sum of her talents is evident, and her refreshing personality and touch of madness have seduced and protected more than one. “I give myself complete freedom to be myself. As homosexuals we have trauma and my sense of humor comes from there. Not as a defense mechanism, but to make me happy. »

The judges of Canada’s Drag Race have often praised his ability to try. “I’ve got a 13-year career, so I’ve seen others,” she says. There’s nothing that scares me anymore. I have a passion for drag and every challenge excited me. »

The new queen was notable for her refusal to allow certain competitors to behave inappropriately. “People have texted me that I overreacted to the behavior of [la concurrente] Miss Fiercalicious, but I’d tell them, “You haven’t seen everything she’s done or you’d ruin her career.” The producers cut several gruesome scenes to protect her. »

To prefer benevolence and generosity to infinity female dogs, she will share part of the $100,000 won with her family. “I’m taking my mom to Disney. Our family has always been poor, so that’s the point! »

Gisèle Lullaby also plans to release a music video and tour across Canada. “As long as you go from Queen of Boucherville to Queen of Canada, you might as well see the country and share the culture of Quebec!” »

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