37. Gemini Awards | The series surprises us

Big surprise at the Gemini prices on Sunday. While many expected to witness the new triumph district 31prefers to reward the academy we. Club illico’s donation surpassed Commander Chiasson’s team to walk away with one of the gala’s most prized trophies, Best Annual Drama Series.

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Marc Andre Lemieux

Marc Andre Lemieux
The press

“This is a big surprise. We’re really proud of this series,” said producer Anne Boyer.

The victory of we All the more surprising that in the spring The Journal of Montreal reported that author Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf’s work had not been renewed after just a year. Barring one spectacular twist, the 12 episodes that land on Club illico in October will be the last.

At the opening gala this afternoon, Élise presented Guilbault, winner of the Best Supporting Actress (Annual Series) trophy, for her portrait of a woman harboring a deep secret weHe also sent a message to the “Friends of Quebecor”. “Sit down please we in the light. we don’t deserve to be in the shadows like it was [le cas durant] last year. It’s a great series. »


Élise Guilbault was rewarded for it we.

Selected in five categories, district 31 didn’t go empty-handed. In the final season of the phenomenally successful police drama, Luc Dionne took home the Best Screenplay (Annual Drama Series) award. In front of the cameras, the author thanked her fans trailer of the show. “It’s a buzz It is frightening that 1.8 million people come to us for six years. »

As expected

The culmination of the series That’s how I love you and Audrey came back expected much more as they opened the march with 14 selections each. Crowned Best Evening Drama Series, That’s how I love you had won in three categories earlier in the day: best text (François Létourneau), best production (Robin Aubert, Jean-François Rivard) and production with the most illustrations abroad.

In the spotlight, producer Joanne Forgues recalled 1975, the year the action took place That’s how I love you unfolded, the future looked bright for women, which is not necessarily the case today. “Now in 2022, this woman is battered in so many ways. At our neighbors, with the cancellation of the bus stop deer v. wade, in Afghanistan where they no longer have rights, the pro-lifers hiding in the political parties… Please, let’s be vigilant and vigilant. It’s all so fragile. »


The team of That’s how I love you

After triumphing at the Canneseries Festival in Cannes in the spring, Audrey came back repeated the feat in Quebec. The series Club illico, which will be broadcast by Télé-Québec from September 29, received five comedy trophies: Best Comedy, Best Director (Guillaume Lonergan), Best Text (Guillaume Lambert, Florence Longpré), Best Actress (Florence Longpré ) and Best Actor (Denis Bouchard). Audrey came back tells the story of a Sorel-Tracy woman who returns from a coma after 15 years.


Florence Longpré won the trophy for Best Female Lead in a Comedy Audrey came back.

The other interpretation prizes were divided between several productions: One way ticket (Luc Picard, Best Male Lead – Drama Series), raspberry time (Sandrine Bisson, Best Female Lead – Drama Series), warnings (Guy Jodoin, Best Male Lead – Annual Drama Series), Another story (Marina Orsini, Best Female Lead – Annual Drama Series, and Benoît McGinnis, Best Supporting Role – Annual Drama Series), Turn (Sylvain Marcel, Best Supporting Male Actor – Drama Series), Reasonable doubt (Karelle Tremblay, Best Supporting Actress – Drama Series), The Brotherhood (Guillaume Lambert, Best Supporting Actor – Comedy) and Lion (Micheline Bernard, Best Supporting Actress – Comedy).

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge causes confusion

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge turned up unexpectedly in the middle of the evening. Once on the microphone, the host Masked SingersShe, obviously trying to get the audience laughing, gave a somewhat lengthy and incoherent speech on the Gemini vote.

Behind the scenes, Véronique Cloutier insisted after the gala that the actor and presenter’s outburst was not planned. “I wanted to be elegant and I think people have the right to express themselves. But we have to stay on our guard, because we can’t be told anything either. I think it was done in the rules of art. »

In an interview with Isabelle Racicot and Jean-Sébastien Girard on ICI ARTTV around 11pm, Véronique Cloutier added that she was not destabilized by the actor’s speech and that she was not disappointed that the incident cast a shadow over his work. “I’m not doing this to be told I’m fine. »

livecrowd favourite

for the second time in a row, live from the universe won the audience award. “That’s touching! ‘ France Beaudouin began. Radio-Canada’s musical rendezvous also dominated categories reserved for variety shows.

infoman completed a hat-trick that began the day Jean-René Dufort won the trophy for Best Host in a Comedy Show.

Winner of an award in Cannes for Complete high school diplomaan unconventional parody of teen series, available on noovo.ca, impersonated Rosalie Vaillancourt Audrey came back triumph at home. The comedian won Gemini for Best Actor in a Series Produced for Digital Media – Comedy.

Pierre-Yves Lord won the Best Game Animator award for 100 geniuses. On stage, the lucky winner campaigned for more visibility of the quiz, which highlights the level of general knowledge of a group of young people aged 14-17. “I know that an article on 100 geniusesit may generate fewer clicks than a fight for Big Brother Celebrities, but it’s important that we talk about these young people because it can have a super positive impact on other young people who are looking for positive role models on TV. »


Pierre-Yves Lord won the Best Game Animator award for 100 geniuses.

Hosts Sébastien Diaz and Bianca Gervais won a gold statuette for family size, the service magazine they hosted on Télé-Québec for eight seasons. On stage, Bianca Gervais explained it was “the icing on the cake”.

Tower won the award for best talk show. “It comes full circle,” Patrick Huard said in pre-recorded video. The comedian, actor and director left the TVA show in the spring after spending two seasons at the helm.

The 37thare Gémeaux Awards were moderated by Véronique Cloutier. The host opened the ceremony by presenting a skit rich in gags involving several small screen artists, including Michel Charette, Élise Marquis, Frédéric Pierre and Patrice Bélanger.

In addition, Chantal Machabée and Pierre Bruneau presented trophies.

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