STAT’s credibility is under attack

The Daily News STAT divides hospital professionals. Some bemoan its lack of realism, while others point out that it is primarily fiction.

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Marc Andre Lemieux

Marc Andre Lemieux
The press

The ICI Télé drama series, which hit the airwaves with drums and trumpets on Monday, drew an average of 1,171,000 viewers this week, according to preliminary Numéris data from Radio-Canada. Beyond the ratings, certain scenes from the Marie-Andrée Labbé-written soap opera (Without appointment, to) sparked discussions among hospital professionals on various social media.

Informed viewers raised their eyebrows as they saw Emmanuelle St-Cyr, the head of the emergency room at Saint-Vincent hospital, played by Suzanne Clément, walk to the operating room. Apparently no emergency doctor dares to enter this facility structure.

The way emergency doctor Jacob (Lou-Pascal Tremblay) treated the injured young ice hockey player also sparked protests. Some came from a figure well known to the public, the Dright Alain Vadeboncoeur. Taking to Twitter, the ER doctor wanted to reassure his followers by posting the following message: “If you arrive at the ER with an open hernia, you will be placed on a stretcher, given solution and analgesic and sedated before attempting repositioning, which is likely performed outside the emergency room, after evaluation and imaging. »


Lou Pascal Tremblay in STAT

Finally, the actions of the Director of Professional Services, defended by Normand D’Amour, aroused protests. For “breaking it up” and for hitting Chrystelle’s (Sarah Anne Parent) wife, the patient who hears voices on the intercom.

The team behind STAT declined to comment on the matter. However, the production company Aetios, directed by Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, confirms to us that they have just hired Alain Vadeboncœur as a medical consultant.

The former director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Montreal Heart Institute was once a script consultant separations, The Runaway and New address. On STATThe Dright Vadeboncoeur enters the DD Geneviève Létourneau, psychiatrist, and Dr.right Hai Huynh, specializing in general surgery, who has appeared in the credits since Monday.


The Dright Alain Vadeboncoeur

No obligation

At the Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec (FMOQ), we do not believe that creators in fiction necessarily have to portray medical practice as it is. “If the aim is to entertain and not to inform, they are under no obligation to paint an accurate picture of what is going on,” says the union’s president and chief executive officer, Dr.right Marc-André Amyot, in a telephone interview.

The Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec (FMSQ) is spreading the same story. “They can do whatever they want, but it sure is interesting if it reflects reality because it can educate the public. It can make people aware of the realities of the hospital environment,” notes Anne-Louise Chauvette, communications director for the group, which has more than 10,000 members.

According to Dright Amyot, who has 28 years of experience in emergencies, the comments listed reflect the “concern of doctors” who fear a popular series will be liked STAT “raises expectations”.

In the past, in medical series, every time we saw a patient in the emergency room, we immediately started resuscitation maneuvers. And often the patient was resuscitated. But that’s not how it happens in real life. You have to rely on the audience to make sense of things.

The Dright Marc-Andre Amyot

The Dright Amyot also points out that network pros have been nervous about “everything that’s happening in healthcare” for a while, which might explain why some of them are attacking STAT. “Right now the staff is exhausted, out of breath. There is compulsory overtime, many needs, waiting lists for surgeries, waiting lists for a visit to the family doctor. The pressure is high, and sometimes it doesn’t take much to irritate doctors. »

History repeats itself

STAT is far from the first fictional series to draw criticism from true specialists in the workplace it portrays. The same thing district 31 was the subject of allegations during his six-year tenure at ICI Télé.

In particular, we attacked Commander Chiasson’s squad’s crime-solving rate, which is much higher than the SPVM’s success rate. On the legal side, the (too) many visits to the post of the character of Sonia Blanchard, the prosecutor of the Director of Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement stored by Pascale Montpetit, were also singled out.

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