ECO project: Anglade aims to triple wind power by 2030

Dominique Anglade has committed to triple the production of wind energy by 2030 to power his ECO green hydrogen production project.

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“We could probably do three times as much as today in the short term,” the Liberal leader said late afternoon on Saturday night, before setting a horizon to 2030.

Earlier in the day, Ms Anglade was unable to estimate the approximate number of wind turbines needed to run her ECO project.

At the heart of the Liberal green economy strategy, the ECO project forecasts 170 TW of electricity needed to convert Quebec’s water into green hydrogen, equivalent to 21 hydroelectric power plants in La Romaine on the north coast.

But the liberal leader assures her plan does not include new dams and instead relies on wind, sun and energy conservation.

The PLQ estimates that 16 TW energy savings will be possible, in particular through a revision of the building code.

“Wind energy is going to play a big part,” Dominique Anglade admitted during a morning press spree, where she was hunted for details of the energy supply needed to implement her ECO plan.

“It will not be a dam, it will be wind power, as we are very strong with wind power it will certainly be wind power, and after that we will add solar power,” says Ms Anglade.

His team acknowledges that “thousands” of wind turbines need to be installed across Quebec territory, without giving further details. The technology is likely to continue to evolve until 2050, it is argued, the horizon of the ECO plan.

“What I don’t want to say is: During the election campaign there will be a wind turbine in this and that place. What we’re looking at is the potential,” says Ms. Anglade.

Despite the lack of details for his wind farm projects, the Liberal leader has criticized the outgoing prime minister for not explaining where he plans to build new dams. “François Legault, he tells us that he wants to build a dam. We still don’t know which river he will use, how will he do it? ‘ she denounces.

20,000 wind turbines?

In a Radio-Canada article, Professor Jean-Thomas Bernard of the University of Ottawa’s Department of Economics estimated that it would take 20,000 wind turbines to generate the required 60,000 megawatts.

Quebec’s current wind farm has fewer than 2,000 completed, under construction, or surveyed wind farms, the same article specifies.

Ms. Anglade argues that Quebec’s wind potential is currently under-exploited, with “less than 1% of wind resources” being exploited.

In fact, a 2005 study by the Department of Natural Resources estimated Quebec’s total wind potential at more than 12,000 TW.

Nearly 11,000 of these are in North du Quebec. Côte-Nord (1078 TW) and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (118 TW) are the other main wind sources.

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