Beers by Mike Ward in Shippagan: Justice and Public Safety Investigation

During a comedy show Mike Ward A large quantity of alcohol was distributed to the public in Shippagan on Saturday September 3rd.

About 800 people attended the show.

The spectacular arrival of a van loaded with 50 cases of 24 beer cans at the Center Rhéal-Cormier continues to be a talking point.

Headache in Shippagan

If this event amused many, it still leaves a bitter taste in Shippagan.

Shippagan Mayor Kassim Doumbia believes the community will learn from the mistakes made in presenting this show.

Photo: Courtesy of Kassim Doumbia

A few days after the show, Mayor Kassim Doumbia emphasized that he didn’t want that don’t blame anyone. There may have been a lack of communication on both sides. And we, the community, didn’t take the opportunity to offer the service.

No bar service was offered.

They are members of the team Mike Ward who rushed to the NB Liquor Store in Shippagan to purchase the beer and then gave it out for free.

NB Alcohol, in Shippagan

Members of the comedian’s team rushed to get beers from the NB liquor store in Shippagan.

Photo: Radio Canada / René Landry

Surprised, the general director of the community who was present made sure that water bottles were distributed free of charge.

The New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety advises that serving alcohol without a valid license is a criminal offense under the Liquor Control Act.

A spokesman for the ministry judy Désalliers states that neither the Maison de la Culture, the cultural society that organized the show, nor the city of Shippagan, owner of the arena, had a valid license to serve alcohol.

When there’s no beer here

Mike Ward refused to start the show without the audience having to drink.

This gesture displeased the cultural association and embarrassed him.

It wasn’t in the contractthe president of the cultural society, Diane DesChênes, then specified.

Equally embarrassed, the community even offered to compensate the comedian, which he declined.

Shippagan Mayor Kassim Doumbia said he was unaware an investigation was ongoing. He prefers to wait before commenting.

The cultural association did not call back.

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