37th Gemini Party | Gemini, between rhinestones and stress

The Gemini Gala organizers must have let out a horrified squeak while tearing their hands at their hair following the release of the Emmy Gala ratings by NBC on Monday night.

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The Emmys hit rock bottom! A gala worse than COVID-19’s in 2020! Never have the numbers been so bad in the history of this ceremony!

The pandemic alone could not be blamed for the Emmy debacle, which is celebrating the crème de la crème of American television. Glittering stars walked the red carpet, designer dresses ruffled, but the crowd sulked. Quiet. This downward trend affects all galas, both here and in the United States.

The Emmys have been criticized for only rewarding Prestige TV, the famous pay platform TV, at the expense of free TV from major networks like CBS, ABC or NBC. In fact, productions from HBO, Apple TV+, and Netflix have reaped almost everything at the last Emmys. But what do you want successor, Teddy Lasso, The White Lotus, euphoria and Squid Game were – and by far – classic productions of traditional antennas such as The good doctor Where Chicago fire.

Les Gémeaux, which Véronique Cloutier will host Sunday night on Radio-Canada, is no exception to this trend of separating so-called rich TV from so-called normal TV.

In the race for the prestigious Drama Series of the Year trophy, three of the five finalists began their media careers in high-end services. That is’A criminal case (longing), That’s how I love you 2 (Tou.tv Extra) and raspberry time (Club Ilco).

One of the most quoted series of this 37e TV party from here, either comedy Audrey came back, even changed channels mid-season, moving from Videotron’s Club illico to Télé-Québec. In the end, TVA never presented it in prime time.

As a big fan in the past, I no longer love galas, whether in Quebec or internationally. Ambient Political Correctness now flattens the most violent gags. Those festive evenings have slipped onto the slick and predictable side as broadcasters fear controversy just as Normand D’Amour fears the union investigation into Bruno Marcil STAT.

The number of trophies awarded continues to increase every year. The academy will award a total of 143 twins in increasingly specialized categories over the weekend. Result: winning an award is just as surprising as the triumph of Gino Chouinard, Dave Morissette and Pierre Bruneau at the (fire) Gala Artis.

However, the betting game turns out to be the most exciting part of the event. So, let’s dive like a Sylvie Bernier at the Los Angeles Olympics. In telenovels or annual drama series with their official name when district 31 don’t pretend The Runaway, we, The perfect moments and The whole lifeI scream loud enough to revive Nancy Riopelle and Jeff Morin.


Gildor Roy in a scene from district 31

As a unique television phenomenon, Luc Dionne’s soap opera deserves credit. Also, I still don’t understand why any actor dating district 31 (Gildor Roy, Michel Charette?) was developed in the category of first roles in a soap opera with only three actorswarnings meet there.

Not one, not two, but three actorswarnings : Danny Gilmore, Frederic Pierre and Guy Jodoin. No quibbles, it’s Roy Dupuis from The whole life which will monopolize the golden hardware.

in comedy, Audrey came back starts with a good lead the eye of the storm, people, Without appointment and her children survived. Florence Longpré, who embodies the famous Audrey d’Audrey came backHe will no doubt say thank you at the microphone, although last year’s winner Christine Beaulieu blows on his neck.

As in 2020, the Academy will join – for good reason That’s how I love you the title of best drama series. One way ticket de Noovo, a big favorite from last season, as well raspberry time Club illico could cause a surprise. But Huguette Delisle’s (Marilyn Castonguay) devil eye doesn’t seem to be in any danger to me.

On reality TV we witness the first victory ofdouble cast ? That would be stunning. The vote will certainly tend towards that Love is in the meadowthe last season of bosses! not participate in the competition this year.

There will be plenty of action on our televisions on Sunday night. Against Gemini, TVA will unleash its big guns Masked Singers and revolution. And there will be the red carpet unveilingdouble cast on Martinique it will be, ” beyond sick ‘ the plumber-carpenter or the barber-influencer would surely say.

Even before the presentation of the episode ofOD, the first look of Jay Du Temple ignited social networks. Sporting a haircut of boy band Canadian 1999, the host also wears a translucent white semi-medieval, semi-It all comes back to me now by Celine Dion.

According to the stylist I contacted Mélodie Wronski (we’ll stop at nothing for the info!), it was Quebec designer Camille TB who created this set especially for Jay Du Temple. Camille TB chose a fabric adapted to the tropical heat in which the master of ceremonies bathed for 15 straight hours, hence the garment’s steamy appearance.

Inspired by a photo shoot by American actor Evan Mock (gossip girl 2.0), Mélodie Wronski describes this looks like that of a ‘little prince, but broken, with jewels, Drs Martens, a leather belt, and Jay’s tattoos.

That’s it, end of report. It was Hugo Dumas, live from New York Fashion Week, bye.

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