Johnny Depp finds Vanessa Paradis, a revelation about their discussions at Versailles

Johnny Depp would have had a visit from Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his children. A clue about the content of their conversation was mentioned.

After Here magazine, it’s Here Paris’ turn to report on the reunion of the Pirate of the Caribbean hero with the one who shared his life for more than 14 years. However, we thought they were furious since the actor’s volleys at his ex during Amber Heard’s trial. In a text message addressed to Elton John, France was described as a blackmailer.

But according to Here Paris everything would be fine. Vanessa Paradis would have attended some scenes from the film “La Favorite” directed by Maiwenn, in which Johnny Depp takes on the role of Louis XIV. The two ex-boyfriends would then go into isolation to discuss. It would be the first time Johnny and actress Amber Heard have been seeing each other since their legal battle.

“They were probably talking about their children — their pride in Lily-Rose’s modeling and acting career, Jack’s talent as a designer, their joy at seeing them both happy and fulfilled,” the post reads.

By the way, it is remembered that Vanessa Paradis was a great support for him when he was at the bottom of the bucket.
“I’ve known Johnny Depp for over twenty-five years. We have been together for 14 years and raised our two children together. The Johnny I’ve known over the years has always been a kind, caring, generous and non-violent person and father…” she had explained.

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