Ghost at the Videotron Center: Entertaining rock theater

The Videotron Center was transformed into a cathedral of sorts under the influence of satanic forces last night when the unique Swedish formation Ghost passed by.

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Even if his fame was built outside of commercial circles and without the support of mass media, Ghost gathered several thousand admirers upon his return to the capital, in an amphitheater with a reduced configuration, that is, five years after he opened for Iron Maiden on the same place.

Following in the footsteps of Judas Priest, Slipknot and Rammstein, this increasingly popular group – who are reportedly heard more online than Iron Maiden and other metal stars – make good use of religious grammar and revel in the mystery surrounding their eight’s identities cultivate musicians, baptized the Nameless Ghouls.

The only exception to this rule is the project’s mastermind, singer Tobias Forge, who presents himself as Papa Emeritus IV (there’s been Papa Emeritus I-II-III and Cardinal Copia before) and poses with his outfit as a great anti-clerical gentleman.

Burlesque and thunderous

Conclusion: the trip was worth it. We were treated to entertaining rock metal musical theatre, both burlesque and thunderous, complete with pyrotechnics.

Even before they took the stage, Ghost announced his colors by playing religious songs while a white curtain covered the stage.

As soon as the curtain fell, the members of the group appeared on a huge stage equipped with five platforms and a structure made up of several arches spanned by stained glass resembling the walls of a church.

From the second song ratsthe connection was made, and the audience took a malicious pleasure in singing a familiar Tobias Forge chorus.

The Scandinavian rockers also made a point of punctuating their passage on Quebec soil with brief greetings in French from Forge and playing a few notes from All alone our national Celine.

Her performance, in which Ghost gave preference to songs from his album imperaLaunched earlier this year, as well as the titles of precursor and melioraexperienced a slight low in the medium term.

However, the train was soon able to get going again. the melodic He is illuminated the Videotron Center and Finale built around the Double Dance Macabre/Square Hammerwas brilliant.

Mastodon: Brutal

On their last visit to Quebec in 2012, the members of Mastodon were forced to retire after seven songs due to a violent storm on the closing night of the Festival d’été.

Ten years later, we were treated to a thunderous performance by the Atlanta band that opened Ghost.

Brutal, deafening, hellish, this dizzying lesson in sludge metal tested the resilience of our eardrums. “Tab…, man, these are monsters,” shouted a fan when silence fell after an hour.

These are mostly the songs from the last album Still and grim which were brought to the fore, but also longtime Mastodon fans were able to pull out some classics, including the epic The Tsar and the instrumental blade catcher.

Spiritbox: Courtney’s voice

Formed in 2016 from Victoria, British Columbia, metal band Spiritbox are still very young and that explains their presence at yesterday’s opening night.

If what we have seen and more importantly heard is any guarantee for the future, she could soon graduate in a different time slot.

Her compositions have punch and her stage presence is dynamic.

The main attraction of Spiritbox, however, is the singer Courtney LaPlante, who can switch between clear voice and heavy throat singing with disconcerting ease.

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