Cyber ​​Security | Computer attack and data leak at Bell Technical Solutions

Computer attacks continue to increase in Quebec. This time, the hackers targeted a Bell Canada subsidiary that provides technical support to subscribers. According to the telecom giant, they stole confidential information about its employees, including social security numbers and medical information.

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Hugo Joncas

Hugo Joncas
The press

Cyber ​​criminals also compromised lists of customers who received support from Bell Technical Solutions (BST), including their addresses and phone numbers.

The press discovered information stolen from the company on the hidden web (dark web). We do not identify the cybercriminal gang in question to give them a hard time. The group mentions on its website that it “encrypted” data from August 20 before releasing “stolen stolen” on Thursday.

Some files relate to union grievances and cite the names of workers involved in disputes with the employer.

“An unauthorized third party has hijacked files stored on the company’s systems that contain employee information,” explains a memo received from the Unifor union to its members at BST The press.

The text then lists the various items of employee files that may have been affected: contact details, dates of birth, social security numbers, medical and banking records.

The company wants to reassure its customers

For its part, Bell assures on its website that “no database with customer information such as credit or debit card numbers or other banking or financial data was affected by the incident”. The company specifies that BST “is working on a different IT system independently of Bell”.

However, the company adds that hackers may have consulted “the name, address and phone number” of customers in Quebec and Ontario who made an appointment with a technician.

“We will notify anyone directly whose personal information may have been accessed,” reads a page about the cyberattack on Bell’s website.

The company adds that customers have nothing to do at the moment, but it advises them to be extra vigilant online. She advises them to be wary of unsolicited communications asking for their personal information, to avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments of suspicious emails, and to regularly monitor their accounts.

Bell said it had lodged a complaint with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Cybercrime Unit and notified the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

Cyber ​​Attack Season

Spring and Summer have put a special effort on cybersecurity in Quebec.

In May, a group of pirates attacked the Collège Montmorency in Laval. Then in August he published tens of thousands of files stolen by CEGEP on the hidden network (dark web), uncovered The press September 8th. They contain information about internal investigations of employees, medical and psychiatric information and confidential identification data of hundreds of people.

In August, cybercriminals attacked the Union of Agricultural Producers and the National Institute for Scientific Research. In the same month, a heavy attack also disrupted the activities of the leisure vehicle manufacturer BRP in Valcourt for six days. The hackers have leaked thousands of stolen Ski-Doo maker documents, hundreds of which resemble industry secrets.

On Wednesday evening, hackers then managed to break into the e-mail inbox of a Ville de Laval employee. The municipality reacted by interrupting several online services for citizens.

An earlier version of the text incorrectly identified the company hit by the hackers as “Bell Technical Services.” It’s more like Bell Technical Solutions. We apologize.

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