The STAT production responds to recurring criticism from viewers

STATRadio-Canada’s daily news, has been the talk of the town since the first episodes aired this week.

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After just a few episodes, netizens quickly revealed that they enjoyed the many characters and the fast pace of the hospital world. However, some criticize the TV series that stars Susanne Clemenswhose inconsistencies this environment accurately depicts.

On the Facebook page of STATa comment aimed at these inconsistencies in the logistics of the hospital center triggered many reactions and production switched on.

“There are so many inconsistencies, it’s unbelievable. Do you have medical advisors? A person who has been put in a coma with a bullet to the head should be treated in intensive care. Both operated on (femur and finger) should be in the orthopedic or surgical department. The woman undergoing a psychiatric evaluation should be in a closed environment. The emergency doctor who interferes in the police investigation. No, but…” said the viewer.

On the production side, she replied here:

“We have several consultants, but we make decisions related to the production of a fiction. We cannot have 8 sets for 8 different units and 12 nurses to represent the true organization chart of a hospital center. Depending on the case, you would end up with a few character appearances: Gynecology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Oncology, and no recurring characters, all would change positions. In short, these are not inconsistencies, it is fiction, and it is shooting logistics that must be respected. We cannot be representative at this point. »

Despite the negative comments, the team also receives a lot of comments from viewers who understand that this is fiction.

“You should invite people who are critical to one of your shoots, maybe then they’ll see what it’s like to do a TV series with all the pressures that it takes. Because judging the work of a production crew without knowing a day in their shoes is no better than judging the work of healthcare workers without having experienced it,” said one viewer.

“I see your point, and yes it would be a great idea, but again, the less fortunate people would be rewarded rather than the people who really enjoy the work, despite the choices we have to make in terms of realism.” It’s easy to understand, there are making-of shoots all over the internet. If someone can’t understand that you can’t portray an entire hospital in fiction and have a role so that everyone involved in a hospital is specifically represented in their positions, there is a problem. Did 30 Lives lack realism because we only saw two classes and never the gym class or almost? no Was it realistic and bordered on documentary? No longer. Unfortunately, this kind of criticism is typical in the middle of a health series, a police series, or a justice series (we know what we’re talking about � ), workers in this environment rarely or hardly question the realism of production. In short, we expected it and without being closed, we say that we are comfortable with the choices we have made,” the production replied.

let’s remember STAT is aired Monday through Thursday radio canada, until 7 p.m.

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