Québec in the spotlight: Marie-Christine Leblanc returns after a two-year hiatus

Host Marie-Christine Leblanc returns to our screens after a two-year austerity hiatus during which the 35-year-old devoted herself to her family and projects she had long wanted to pursue. “I also found the reasons why I do my job,” she confides protocol.

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Pregnant with her second child in the middle of a pandemic, the journalist retired during her maternity leave. When she came back, she felt like she wasn’t ready to return to the job she’s had at TVA Quebec for 13 years and for which she’s lost a bit of “the spark,” she admits.

“I was still tired and I realized I was wasting a lot of family time. That hurt me a lot,” explains the mother, who continued her vacation with a sabbatical year, “to fill up on family time, but also to check off small dreams about me bucket list“.


She has not been idle: she has co-written a series of four children’s books, Holy-mermaid-at-the-end-of-the-world, with his friend, comedian PA Méthot. She dreamed of capitalizing on her entrepreneurial spirit, which she did by founding her The plantera starter kit for apprentice gardeners, hiring people with autism while continuing her commitment to Leucan.

The love of the job

This two-year hiatus allowed him to learn how to better balance work and family life, but it was also a time when he questioned his future in the media world. After deliberation, she returns “knowing that I still like it and more importantly, why I’m doing it,” she says.

“I missed art so much for two years. The first time I saw a show, I cried just because I was like, “I missed all of that.” I couldn’t believe I cut myself off from what I love so much. […] Who would have survived the pandemic without culture? It’s been tough for the artistic community, so I feel it’s even more important that my role is to highlight them.

7e season of headlight

The bubbly journalist Pascale Robitaille kept her place at the top warm Quebec City Spotlightc during his absence.

Back with her deeply human approach and her great ability to listen, Marie-Christine Leblanc speaks to us enthusiastically about the 7e Season that started on Saturday.


Among other things, she wants to tell us about the unique journeys of artists from the capital, such as Olivier Côté-Méthot, aka Metò, a musician from Limoilou whose role as his father’s tutor inspired him to write an EP.

Quebec City Spotlight will also highlight the unusual stories of local business figures and meet immigrants who will share their culture with us. The show will also delve into topics as broad as funeral homes to explore how the pandemic has changed the way we grieve.

“As with all my projects, the focus of our reporting is really on people,” she concludes.

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