Pascal Groulx confides in his paralysis for the first time

On August 22nd is the famous father of the show The Groulx family revealed on Instagram that he suffers from Bell’s facial paralysis. Pascal Groulx spoke to us to explain more about what’s overwhelming him at the moment.

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“I understand that it’s often caused by a virus, like the chickenpox virus that’s dormant inside us and suddenly wakes up and affects the seventh facial nerve.” Pascal woke up one morning with facial numbness. “I was having lunch and had trouble eating. I went to see myself in the mirror and as I was making faces, I noticed that the right side of my face wasn’t moving. He was afraid of having a stroke. So he quickly went to his doctor. There he was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. “My mouth doesn’t work well. I have no control over my cheek and nostril. I can’t move my eyebrow. My right eye won’t close. In everyday life, it affects him, as it is sometimes painful. “Two weeks after my diagnosis, I was in extreme pain. I had pain behind the ear and neck and it was neurological. It’s sharp like pain. It lasted 12 days.

Can it be permanent? “It’s possible. I’m currently being accompanied by my family doctor and a neurologist. I do acupuncture. I take vitamin B12, that can help.” The cortisone didn’t work for her. Fortunately, he didn’t have to give up work. And his His family is behind him.”He is my mainstay. When this paralysis hit, I was depressed… And the kids made me a collage with words of love and it did me good. We’ll find out.” The Groulx family at Canal Vie in November. “We’ve made major expansions at home, and everyone has moved.”

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