Michel Charette trusts others’ perceptions of his physique

It was yesterday, Monday, that the new season of Towerled by a new animator: Gildor Roy.

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On this occasion, the animator received a lot of visits, namely from comedians Melissa Desormeaux Poulin and Michael Charett. The latter also offered a beautiful moment of truth as he confided in the effect that people’s perception of his body was having.

He says that in his family, from a young age, greatness meant ugliness. This association therefore remained permanently imprinted in his brain and colored his interactions. As an example, he cites his relationships with girls, which he often found difficult to approach.

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“It has never been easy. I rarely traveled the world because I had no confidence, no self-esteem in that regard. When a girl took an interest in me, I didn’t believe it. I thought one of my buddies paid her for a joke. I was there. There are people who have said to me, “If she’s with you, it’s because you’re famous! There are no other reasons,” he recalled.

This statement did not fail to shock Helene Bourgeois Leclercwho was also on set as Gildor Roy’s “property neighbor”.

Then a few years ago, when he was on a five-month break from filming, he again brought up the idea of ​​taking that break to lose weight. His wife then gave him an ultimatum, so to speak: “That’s enough. Either you do something or you stop talking to me about it,” she told him. The actor then took the opportunity to start making the changes he wanted to make in his life.

Read the excerpt at the top of the article.

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That moment of vulnerability, mixed with other comical moments throughout the show, allowed us to see that despite the host change, the tone remained the same: a show that combines confidence and roars of laughter.

In addition, netizens on social networks were unanimous about Gildor Roy’s animation, which they found natural and perfect in this new role.

Do not miss Tower Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on TVA.


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