Johnny Depp has moved – A secret reunion with Vanessa Paradis at Versailles

It was in Paris that Vanessa Paradis, now in a relationship with Samuel Benchetrit, “put her arms around again” Johnny Depp, the father of her two children. “A moment frozen in time,” reports Ici Paris.

Details of the circumstances of their reunion have been shared. Here magazine also mentioned an evening in Paris.

Vanessa Paradis would have been waiting for the perfect moment to find her children’s father, who has been debilitated in recent months by his war against Amber Heard, which he won against. They will meet before the judges for a new round of judgment very soon.

“Vanessa was probably waiting for the right moment. The one that would allow them to talk to each other with open hearts, face to face, and most importantly, away from his ex’s indiscreet ears and legal hassles,” slips the publication.
According to Here Paris, Vanessa Paradis and her children’s father found themselves in Versailles on the set of La Favorite, Maïwenn’s latest production, in which the American takes on the role of Louis XIV.

The singer would have witnessed the filming of some scenes before “walking up to Johnny and hugging him”.
“Excited and very touched,” the 59-year-old Hollywood actor would have “appreciated this reunion.”

The two stars isolated themselves from the members of the film crew to “discuss in peace”.

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