After merger, major Ethereum miners in full rush for ETH Proof of Work (ETHW)

ETH mining is dead, long live ETHW mining! – The big day has come : The merger of Ethereum (ETH) and its transition to Proof of use (PoS) performed on the morning of September 15 with no apparent concern. At the side of minorsit’s over for ETH, but it’ll start again soon ETH proof of employment (ETH). Indeed, many mining pools will do this Switch on the degradation of these bifurcated ethers.

Your mining machines won’t even have had time to cool down!

The network ether has officially moved Proof of use this September 15, 2022. But the minors fight back. When they are asked forced unemployment On the ETH blockchain, they intend to get back to work with the launch of a remaining proof-of-work based Ethereum, or proof of work (PoW).

This Ethereum PoW network should be launched 24 hours later the occurrence of The Fusion. Or, logically, shortly after 8 a.m. this Friday 09/16 2022. As indicated by the official Twitter account of this new forked Ethereum blockchain, many mining cooperatives (mining pools) have announced that they will move the computing power of their machines to this network.

All the big players in Ethereum mining are switching to its version that stayed in PoW

According to a list published by Ethereum PoW teams, large mining pools are like F2Pool, poolin, 2 miners, BTC.comor nano poolwill continue the proof-of-work adventure by mining ETHW (not to be confused with WETH/Wrapped ETH).

Other pools are said to be ready to join the movement and are currently preparing their mining machines via the Ethereum PoW test network:

“(…) In addition to the major mining pools (F2Pool, Poolin,, etc.) that have confirmed their support for ETHW mining, some new pools are also running mining tests based on data from our testnet . »

Twitter account @EthereumPoW

There ” of transition that the ETHW network remains based on mining looks good a priori. On the side of those who have switched to Proof of Stake, miners are discovering replacements the danger of slashing : if any tester doesn’t do his job well (by finding himself offline for example) he will be penalized and some of his valuable ether will be staked confiscated.

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