What if Poilievre and Duhaime were hippies?

In the latest issue of the magazine the obswe can read an exciting interview with the French economist Daniel Cohen that has just been published Homo numericusan essay on the impact of digital technology on society.

For him, social media followers are the spiritual children of hippies.


What did the hippies dream of?

Breaking free from vertical power and living as they saw fit without being accountable to any authority.

“The world dreamed of in the 1960s was a utopian world where everything had to be a matter of discussion, without authority, and where every word should be heard.

“For the first time in human history, we envisioned a horizontal society. To find parallels, one would almost have to go back to hunter-gatherer societies.

For Cohen, the digital society (that emerged on American campuses in the 1970s, thanks to the gadgets that ex-hippies fiddled with in their garages between joints) is the direct heir to the 1960s counterculture.

Like the hippies, the children of the digital revolution want nothing to do with authority.

They want the right to say whatever is on their mind, anywhere, anytime, however they want.

Same for work.

Gone are the days when the boss controlled your schedule and you had to show up at the office at 9am and leave at 5pm.

Young people today want to decide for themselves where they work (at home or in a café) and when.

Are not you happy?

Bye bye, I’ll look for another job!

As Timothy Leary, the pope of the American counterculture of the Woodstock years, said, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.”

Open your computer, connect to the internet, and give the setup your middle finger.

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It could even be said that the children of the digital revolution managed to create the revolution that the hippies started 60 years ago.

At that time, young people did not have the means to evade authority.

They dreamed of it, but they couldn’t.

Now it is possible.

Who influences children’s behavior the most today?

The parents? Teacher? The priests?

No: social media.

The parents, those old authority figures who ruled sovereignly in the house, have lost all their power.

You must see them, beg their children to close their screens at night! Hardly if they don’t get on their knees crying…

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Look at libertarians like Duhaime and Poilievre…

Their cult of freedom, their distrust of institutions, the unabashed way they court conspirators, their ability to use social media to speak directly to their base, the leader of the PCQ who “forgets to pay their taxes and their electricity.” paid by the CCP, which dreams of abolishing the power of the Bank of Canada…

Put them on a Harley Davidson ‘Chopper’ and you have the two hippies of Easy Riders!

“Born to be Wild!”

Forget the messy hair: the new hippies comb their hair sideways…

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