Céline was already close to death at the ADISQ gala

It’s time for the Celine moment of the week!

In 1998, the Félix Awards Gala celebrated its 20th anniversary. And ADISQ wanted to make it big.

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Instead of just one person, some of the biggest names in Québec entertainment such as René Simard, Jean-Pierre Ferland and André-Philippe Gagnon were to provide entertainment for the evening.

Oh yes, and Celine Dion.

In 1998 she was at the peak of her fame. His interpretation of the play My heart will continue to beat had just won an Oscar. his album If loving was enough had just appeared.

So we can say it was a big thing for coming and hosting the Quebec Gala.

But from the first seconds of the show, the evening became almost tragic.

We still wonder why this episode was not mentioned in the film A line.

The ceremony opened with a performance of the play Earth by Celine. The diva was supposed to descend from the ceiling onto the stage in a giant globe suspended from cables.

To sing Earth in a country. A spectacular number. Unheard of on Quebec TV.

At that precise moment we could have witnessed the death of the greatest singer in the world live Happy Sundays.

Introduce. Three years after losing the country, Quebec could have lost Celine live on TV.

It is that one of the cables holding the structure was let go and poor Céline was shaken.

At the beginning of the performance you can hear him saying “STOP! STOP!”, but it was too late, the machine was already running.

Luckily she had time to hold on to steady herself. When she got up, the music continued, and as Rene put it: “The show must go on“.

Therefore, the show Has go on. Celine sang Earth like his life depended on it.

When she finally sat up, you can imagine that she let out a long sigh of relief.

At the 1998 ADISQ Gala, Celine Moman starred in a skit by The Little Lifebut that’s a story for another time.

-With the participation of Thomas Dallaire-Boudreault

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