Addiction to Stimulants: Valérie Carpentier’s Scream from the Heart

The winner of the first edition of The voice wants to help others by taking his stimulant addiction public in a truly heartfelt shout out on social media.

In a long string of posts written in videos aired on Instagram for three days, Valérie Carpentier has returned what she calls “stimulant addiction” (including Adderall, a drug commonly used for stimulant deficiency disorder). warning is used).

The singer hopes to “help people feel less alone” by being open and transparent about her issue.

Grouped in a titled tab Become sober (getting sober) the posts form a cry for help and show a genuine desire to get out of it.

Valerie Carpentier (sober)

Photo courtesy of @valeriecarpentierofficiel Instagram account

The 28-year-old singer says she wants to document her experiences and show in a kind of diary “how long it takes to get back to normal and healthy”.

“For those who want to hear me sing, I tell myself it will come back,” she says in a video.

She also explains that she finds it difficult to see a doctor to help her recover from her addiction and that it’s easier to see someone who prescribes medication for her.

Valerie Carpentier (sober)

Photo courtesy of @valeriecarpentierofficiel Instagram account

The singer doesn’t hesitate to speak of “addiction,” a problem she says she’s been struggling with for several years.

“A few weeks ago I decided to flush my prescription Adderall down the toilet,” she wrote. To end it once and for all […] The side effects of the drug have ruined my life for years.”

She talks about paranoia, dark thoughts, loss of appetite and insomnia.

Valerie Carpentier (sober)

Photo courtesy of @valeriecarpentierofficiel Instagram account

What is Adderall?

Olivier Bernard, pharmacist and science popular, explains that Adderall is a drug prescribed by a doctor in a medical context to treat attention deficit disorder. He adds that the risk of addiction is low when used in low doses, as prescribed by doctors.

“We all prescribe the lowest possible dose,” he says. If a patient had come to me and told me that I had such severe side effects, I personally would never have left him in this situation.

The pharmacist explains that Adderall’s addictive potential can arise when the drug is used in high doses. “The potential for addiction exists if its use is outside of the medical setting. People who have already suffered from an addiction should not be prescribed this drug as it is an amphetamine that acts as a stimulant.

Valerie Carpentier (sober)

Photo courtesy of @valeriecarpentierofficiel Instagram account

Stay slim

In a video, Valérie Carpentier also admits to having taken amphetamines to stay slim. “I’m going to have to exercise and eat well to stay slim,” she says, adding that she knows what she’s saying is terrible.

She explains that making this “extremely difficult” decision to stop taking her medication “cold turkey(suddenly) is the best decision she’s made in her life. She says she feels mixed emotions: from shame to fear to relief and “gratitude to finally have my eyes opened.”

The Cap-de-la-Madeleine singer claims it’s her participation in the show Big Brother Celebrities which drew his attention to his problem. “My wake up call” writes the one who had to leave the show alone before the end of the show.

Contacted via email by The newspaper, Valérie Carpentier declined the interview request. She explains that she has chosen to tell her story of stories Instagram for authenticity.

“I don’t want to make a fuss, I want to be sober and say what I’m going through, without a filter. Basically, I’m helping myself and, you never know, it might end up helping someone,” she wrote.

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