[PHOTOS] A hunting and fishing enthusiast’s paradise for sale in Charlevoix for $8 million

Hunting and fishing enthusiasts dreaming of a little private paradise not far from Quebec City should look to Lac-Pikauba, where an $8 million estate is for sale.

The area of ​​4.1 km2 is located in the unorganized area of ​​Lac-Pikauba, 175 km from Quebec.

“It’s a jewel, it’s very rare. Properties like this don’t exist. And it’s only two hours from Quebec,” says owner Roger Cauchon.

Part of the Lac à la Cruche.

Photo from Sotheby’s website

Part of the Lac à la Cruche.

In 1996 the Donahue estate was sold to Imprimerie Quebecor. Mr. Cauchon and a partner purchased it in 2002 for $300,000. In 2004, the current owner bought his partner’s shares for $150,000.

The deal could be very profitable as at $8 million, Mr. Cauchon would get 26 times his stake, minus the cost of sale of course.

Fortunately, municipal ($2,656) and school taxes ($634) are within reach of all budgets.

The property is listed worldwide by luxury real estate agent Sotheby’s for US$7,995,000.

The entrance to the main chalet with a nice place for fishing rods.

Photo from Sotheby’s website

The entrance to the main chalet with a nice place for fishing rods.

forest lover

The 73-year-old owner also owns an estate in Château-Richer, “four times the size of that of Lac-Pikauba,” he specifies.

“I’m a forest engineer. I’ve always been in the forest. Sunday mornings we went hunting fishing fishing with dad,” explains Mr. Cauchon.

The latter also sold his shares in the Spécibois company in Château-Richer, which sells various types of wood for construction, interior and exterior paneling and furniture.

Although the four chalets on the property date from the 1970’s, photos on the agent’s website suggest they have been very well maintained. “We’re not giving up,” confirms the seller.

The main chalet dining room.

Photo from Sotheby’s website

The main chalet dining room.


Since buying the property 20 years ago, Roger Cauchon has focused primarily on space planning.

“I have done more than 20 km of trails. The forest has managed to arm itself against the budworm. Through development, it brought moose. There were hardly any, they had nothing to eat. There are many mooses there. But when I pick one up, no one believes I killed them on my property,” laughs Mr. Cauchon.


Photo from Sotheby’s website

The wealthy buyer could also have a hunting property transferred to an adjacent area five times larger than the property he is acquiring.


The tranquility of the place is another element that the seller insists on.

“Nobody is crossing the territory. I am independent from neighbors. If Celine Dion doesn’t want to be disturbed, she goes there, she closes the barrier and nobody goes by,” emphasizes Mr. Cauchon.

Even more expensive properties in Quebec are also for sale by Sotheby’s.

The Montreal home of the late businessman John Wilson McConnell is listed at $31 million.

An area of ​​8 km2 in Arundel, in the Laurentians, is being offered for $21.5 million.


  • Area: 4.14 km2
  • 4 cabins
  • 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the main chalet
  • 3 lakes
  • 21.3 km hunting bondage2 additionally
  • 22 km road
  • Electricity by solar panels and generator
  • Propane and wood heating
  • Community Estimate: $590,200
  • Council Taxes: $2656
  • School taxes: $634


  • Lac-Pikauba Unorganized Territory (TNO).
  • At km 57 of Route 381
  • North of Saint-Urbain, in Charlevoix
  • South of Ferland-et-Boilleau, in Saguenay



Photo from Sotheby’s website

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