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No need to wear a helium-blasted chest, savagely berate your comrades, indulge in vulgarity, or sabotage your mirror neighbor’s pumps to win a prestigious drag queen contest.

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Unfortunately, these pictures, which are from another time, have a hard skin! But Montreal native Gisèle Lullaby pulverized her on Thursday night, winning season three of reality TV with kindness and talent. Canada’s Drag Race from the Crave platform, a creation of the Queen Mother herself, RuPaul.


Gisèle Lullaby, winner of Canada’s Drag Race

Throughout the nine episodes of this competition, heated by Brooke Lynn Hytes, Gisèle Lullaby, the first Quebecer to win this title in three years, always came to the rescue of her colleagues who were struggling with the sewing machine. And even if that help hurt her chances of walking away with the $100,000 prize pool, Gisèle Lullaby offered her design services without counting, always elegant, never scornful.

“There’s a difference between being mean and being funny. If you make a comment, it must be constructive. My mother always told me to treat others the way I would like them to treat me. I’m like that, I’ve always helped. I do that at Cabaret à Mado. Fixing others is not a problem. But when I help the world, it’s because I’m ready,” explains Simon Gosselin, the 34-year-old man behind the extravagant dresses of Gisèle Lullaby, a stage name created as a tribute to top model Gisele. cuffs and a dragonfly.

“Yes, at the time I really believed that the dragonfly was in English Lullaby laughs Simon Gosselin. dragon-fly is the word you are looking for.

Simon Gosselin and 11 other drag queens were jailed in Toronto for six weeks in the spring while taping shows Canada’s Drag Race under the utmost secrecy. A second Quebec contestant, Lady Boom Boom, from Quebec, attended the catwalk events. She finished eighth and deserved a better fate in my opinion. His elimination was far too hasty.

What Simon Gosselin/Gisèle Lullaby noticed Canada’s Drag Race ? English Canada’s complete disinterest in Quebec culture. “Except for Celine Dion, they have no idea what’s going on here. I found that really sad. Not only do they not know our singers, they also have no desire to learn more,” observes Simon Gosselin in an interview.

For example, Gisèle Lullaby voiced in a skit by Maurice Richard and Michèle Richard, and the gag was a hit, only Quebecer Lady Boom Boom had caught the reference. Also, Lady Boom Boom was thinking of putting Julie Snyder in the popular impersonation game – the snap game, in English – but no one had any idea who it was. Cricket noises here again.

Even Marie-Mai, who nevertheless prevailed on English-language reality TV The start of the CTV network, failed the test. Marie-Mai was scheduled to appear as a guest judge on before COVID-19 disrupted her career plans Canada’s Drag Race 3. The production then asked the competitors to prepare a lip sync to his song Heart attack. Disclosure: None of Gisèle Lullaby’s colleagues had heard of Marie-Mai. Maria who ? Can what ?

Spring. Our good English Canada, which is always quick to attack Quebec because of its “lack of openness”, is not interested in what is culturally seething in our Belle province. Honestly, it’s embarrassing, but hardly surprising. End of political commentary.

Originally from Boucherville on the South Shore, Simon Gosselin has known Jean-François Guevremont aka Rita Baga since childhood. It is also featured as a dancer by Rita Baga, finalist of the first chapter Canada’s Drag Racethat Simon Gosselin began his career in this nocturnal environment.

As he studied fashion design, practiced ballet, helped his mother understand the Avon beauty products she sold door to door, improvised that he worked as a professional makeup artist, Simon Gosselin had all the skills to become one of those queens of the night . He names Jinkx Monsoon, Sasha Velor and Raja as his role models on the American side. Showcasing smashing, unconventional looks, three super original drag queens sing, dance and most importantly, laugh.

In the first episodes of Canada’s Drag Race, Miss Fiercalicious, 25, tried to play the villain – a classic – by causing unnecessary conflict in the workshop. The maneuver blew up in her face (well done, shall we say) and when Miss Fiercalicious showed her vulnerability, viewers adopted her.

This petty and boring side of Miss Fiercalicious irritated Gisèle Lullaby, who called her Toronto colleague “Bully” in the third episode. It is the only time this season that Gisèle has seen red.

“I’m fine. I appreciate friendship, humility and openness. I don’t have to live in a world of divas,” says Simon Gosselin, who has finally quit his job as a Linen Chest employee to make a full living from his art.

Can I get an “Amen” here? Now start the music!

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